Long Trail Home; A Morgan Family Series - Texas Trails Book 3 - Vickie McDonough

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Long Trail Home is a compelling story about forgiveness and ultimately coming back home. Not only in the natural but in the spiritual.

We follow the story of Laura, Annie and Riley. Laura is the instructor of a school for blind children. She has sacrificed her own long term dreams for the children that she loves and adores. But when the school has been threatened to be shut down, will those dreams resurface? Annie, once was a homeless orphan. Now she has a family at the school, but will her deception be her undoing? She has found God's forgiveness but will her fellow man be as forgiving? Riley, a soldier come home to devastation after the war has found peace and refuge working at the school. But will he ever find "home" again?

I enjoyed Long Trail Home. Although the story line was a bit slow at times, there is enough action to keep it going and Vickie McDonough relays a great message. Forgiveness is the main basis of the story. God's forgiveness of the sins we have committed. Forgiveness of our selves. And the forgiveness of others. Coming clean and telling the truth can be the hardest thing to do at times.
Especially when we are afraid of what others think. But the best thing we can do for our selves is to walk in the truth and trust that our Heavenly Father will care for us and protect us and lead us home.

I received a free copy of Long Trail Home from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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