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Rachel is a stay at home mom who LOVES to read. She enjoys good (clean) books of all kinds. However, she has a soft spot for historical fiction. There is something magical that can only be found between the covers a book and her desire is to share that piece of magic with you. Rachel has been reviewing books since 2014 and is the sole owner/operator of Bookworm Mama. And she simply adores being immersed in the bookish world. Her husband and 2 beautiful children are her life and joy. Among the 500 things she does a day, she still finds the time to read. 

Rachel has had the honor of participating as a Judge for the INSPY Awards 2017 and The Christy Awards 2017 & 2018. Rachel currently works as an Author Assistant for Pepper D. Basham and Roseanna M. White. And she is a part of the editorial team for Hope by the Book Magazine.

Rachel got into blogging during a very rough season for their family. Ezra, Zach and Rachel's second son, was diagnosed with SCID when he was 3 days old. SCID is commonly known as "bubble boy disease". Thankfully their 2 year old son, Ezra's big brother, was a 100% match for a bone marrow transplant. At 9 weeks old Ezra underwent the transplant and now three years later he is well on his way to being a "normal" kid. The long-term prognosis is that Ezra will live a completely restriction free, healthy and normal life. Currently he is only on ONE medication(a multivitamin with iron), he no longer needs to make a trip to the ER when he spikes a fever, and he recovers from colds faster than anyone else in the family. The Dixons have spent the last several years in strict isolation to protect Ezra as his immune system began to function. Rachel is a "Stay at Home Mom" and was very busy caring for Ezra, but she needed an outlet, a hobby. So she turned to books. Rachel has always loved reading and when she learned that she could support her addiction and the authors she loves, she jumped all in! Her passion is to share "STORY" with you and to be a light to those around her. More about Ezra


  1. You are perfect for this outlet. Saying another prayer that your baby stays well!

  2. Good morning. It's nice to meet you. I discovered you on Faithfully Bookish! I'm following you. At least I think I'm following you??? I can be techno challenged sometimes. :) haha.

  3. Well, let me try this again. Good morning. It's nice to meet you. I discovered you on Faithfully Bookish. I think I'm following you. I can be techno challenged at times. :) haha.

    1. Haha! Thanks Katie! NOOooooo Worries!!! :) Thanks for visiting!


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