The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest (Medieval Fairy Tale Romance - Book 1) - Melanie Dickerson

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Danger and romance lie deep in the heart of Thornbeck Forest. Where a poacher's only desire is to feed the poor. The forester determined to catch the poacher. And a margrave who holds the future of all in his hands.

"Because love was the best reason of all!"

Odette Menkels has a burning desire to help the orphans of Thornbeck. And the forest at her doorstep has an abundance of wild game. The only problem is that the game belongs to the king. Nevertheless, Odette braves the wrath of the margrave who is responsible for the Thornbeck forest. Every night she disguises herself, hunts the deer and feeds the poor. Her life is changed in an instant when she meets Jorgen Hartman, the forester, at the Midsummer festival. Jorgen has found evidence of a poacher and would like nothing better than to bring this poacher to justice. What will he do if he finds out that Odette is the poacher? Will Odette have everything stripped from her? There will be many confessions and consequences, but not all are bad...and some may even surprise you! 

This is the first book I have read by Melanie Dickerson, but it won't be the last! I already have The Beautiful Pretender on my list to read next year. I believe that writing medieval fairy tales for adults

The Time Chamber - Daria Song

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Take a break from the chaos of life and spend hours immersed in the intricacies and the magic of The Time Chamber, a coloring book for adults.

The red haired fairy leaves her time garden to visit our world. She brings with her, a few magical items, which you must find hidden in the pages. Everything she touches is a magical new adventure for her. She explores our world as the little girl sleeps. When the girl awakens, the fairy retreats back to her own world. 

I have always enjoyed art. Whether it's painting an original piece, coloring a fuzzy poster, doing a paint-by-number or doodling in my son's coloring book, I find relaxation in expressing myself through my artwork. So when I
discovered coloring books for adults, I did a happy dance. I have spent hours coloring in The Time

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard - Susan Meissner

Thursday, November 19, 2015

To what lengths would you go to make your deepest desires come true? For Audrey Duvall and Violet Mayfield, the lines of reason are blurred. Will the bond of true friendship be enough to hold them together? 

A hat is found in a vintage boutique in Los Angeles 2012. It is unmistakably Scarlett's green curtain hat from Gone With the Wind. But how did it end up there? In 1938 Violet leaves home and travels to California and gets a job as a secretary at a movie studio. With high hopes of starting a new life she meets Audrey Duvall, a fellow secretary who was once rising star in Hollywood. As the filming for Gone With the Wind commences both Audrey and Violet find themselves in places they never thought imaginable. And when the infamous curtain hat goes missing, more than one person's future is at stake. Will Violet finally get the family that she dreamed about for so long? Will Audrey finally make her big break? And what will they sacrifice to see it all come to pass? Through the joys and the heartbreak, they are always there for each other. We know that love comes in many forms, and that ultimately, love conquerors all.
"You been brave so long, Miss Scarlett.
You jus' gotta go on bein' brave."

The Chili Cookbook - Robb Walsh

Monday, November 9, 2015

Chili has grown and changed over the years. But one simple fact remains. Chili is a dish that continues to bring us warmth and comfort.

Robb Walsh not only gives us 60 delectable recipes for the ever favorite dish. But he also dives into the history and the evolution of chili. The book is divided into four parts: Chili's Family Tree, Tex-Mex Traditions, Chili Road Trip and Modern and Vegetarian Chilies (Because vegetarians have to eat, too - pg. 1). There are many vibrant pictures, so that your mouth begins to water just by flipping through the pages. Walsh not only instructs us on the main course, but how to roast green chiles, make fresh corn tortillas and stone ground cornbread. There is also a detailed guide to peppers and chili powders that I found very helpful. With dishes like Lobster Chili, Three-Bean Chipotle Chili and Old-Fashioned Tex-Mex Enchiladas, there is no doubt that this will be my go-to cookbook as the winter months quickly approach.

Chili...Need I say more? I love making chili, but also enjoy a variety of styles. The Chili
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