A Noble Masquerade - Hawthorne House Book 1 - Kristi Ann Hunter

Friday, August 28, 2015

Living the life of nobility can be oppressive and demanding. There are restrictions for every aspect of life. Lady Miranda longs to be free of the expectations placed on her, but will she have the courage to stand up to her mother and her "lady lessons"?

"A lady never posted letters to an unrelated male. But the very writing of his name made her feel dangerous."

Lady Miranda Hawthorne has been raised to be the epitome of poise and grace, but everything inside of her screams to rebel. She pours her heart out on paper, in letters she never sends, to her brother's childhood friend, the Duke of Marshington. She is approaching her fourth London season when Marlow, the handsome new valet to Lady Miranda's brother, accidentally mails one of these letters. She is mortified, until she receives a reply. Conflicted with her growing attraction for two men, her life is quickly changing in ways she never thought possible. She soon realises however, that there is more at stake than her heart. Miranda has had to hide behind the mask she have been expected to wear for so long. Hiding her true personality and identity. But the time has come for her to become the person she was created to be.

"'A Lady never sits on the floor.' A lady probably wasn't supposed to crawl on her belly through the dirt either."

A Noble Masquerade is a fabulous story from beginning to end! Kristi Ann Hunter has done a marvelous job with her debut novel! I was completely captivated by the intrigue and espionage. I was surprised more than once when the story line went in a different direction than I anticipated. The faith was natural and the romance genuine and clean.  Kidnappings, traitors, witty humour and masquerades will keep you turning the pages of this remarkable story. This is a book that I will enjoy reading over and over again. I can not wait for Mrs. Hunter's next book!

I received a free advanced reading copy of A Noble Masquerade from Bethany House Publishers through Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.

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