Toward the Sunrise - An Until the Dawn Novella - Elizabeth Camden

Saturday, October 17, 2015

When a rash decision threatens Julia's dreams, she seeks help from the one person who can help her. Ashton Carlyle, attorney to the business tycoon Nickolaas Vandermark.

It is 1897 and Julia Broeder longs to become a physician and travel the world as a medical missionary. But when she makes a hasty decision and is expelled from college, she watches as her dreams crumble before her. The Vandermarks have always taken wonderful care of her family and she beseeches Ashton Carlyle for his help. Reluctant to help at first, Ashton spends more time with Julia and sees the potential that she carries as a medical missionary. Will Julia see her dreams become a reality or will she find a new dream?

"You are going to change the world wherever you go. Don't give up now."

This is the first book that I have read by Elizabeth Camden and I was not disappointed. This book made me laugh on multiple occasions. There are a few mentions of
goats in this story, and I raised goats growing up. I was thoroughly impressed by the detail and accuracy in which she described the goats. It was fun to read! I could also relate with Julia in the fact that I have made decisions in the past that were hasty and not thought through. Having to live with the consequences, both the good and the bad, I understand the inner turmoil in which she finds herself. In the end this story was a good reminder to fight for our dreams and not to give up just because we found a bump in the road. I am looking forward to reading Until the Dawn.

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