Top Ten Tuesday - Books That Hold Significant Memories

Monday, July 23, 2018

We all have those moments, when a smell, a song, a conversation, bring back a rush of memories. Well, books do that for me as well. There are certain books that I have read that hold significant memories for me...Where I was...Who I was with...etc. So as brief as possible here are my top ten.

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Twilight - I know, I know...But I first read this book when I lived in South Africa. SO.MANY.MEMORIES! 

After a Fashion - My first Jen Turano book. We lived in our first HOUSE (rented) and I remember walking down the stairs after putting the boys down for a nap to go read, thinking "How have I never read books by this author before???" Now, Jen Turano is one of my very dearest author friends!

In Good Company - Yes, another Jen Turano book...You will see why...Ezra (my now 4-year-old son) had a lot of health issues when he was younger...During what was supposed to be a routine checkup...Ezra was admitted into the hospital...Now, this checkup was on the other side of the state. Long story short...There was a lot of driving involved, tears, worries, frustrations, medication...And I binge read In Good Company while sitting in the hospital yet again with Ezra.

Close to You - 2016 was the very first CFRR and I was so excited that I got Kara Isaac's book in my swag bag. I started reading it on the way home and it makes me think of airports and travel...and being overly tired!

Moonbow Night - My first ever Laura Frantz book. I read this book on the way to CFRR 2017 last year. Ahhhh!!!! SO.MUCH.LOVE for this story!!!

God's Daughter - I read this book (well, most of it) while on a cruise last winter. Thoughts of sunscreen, humidity, sun, and salt water...*sigh*...I need to go on a cruise again...

Always Watching - I listened to this book...and made the mistake of listening to it at my the forest...Ya...bad idea lol! But I will always remember that. 

Little House Books - Whenever I think about the Little House Series, I think of cozy evenings in front of a fire listening to my mom read the story to us. 

War & Peace - Yes, I read this...took me 8 months. And I was pregnant with Ezra and spent several late...uncomfortable...nights trudging through lol! But I'm glad I read it!

Harry Potter - Ok, so...I don't have specific memories for each book...But I do remember reading these by the pool, in the car (Zach read to me as I drove), and catching up on them all in time to see the last movie in theatres! It was fabulous!

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