Top Ten Tuesdays - Auto-Buy Authors

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, this week's topic is authors that are on my auto-buy list! Now, we all know that there are several authors out there whom I ADORE! So, listed here are just a few of those whose books that I will buy without even looking at the title or cover of their next book...

This is a new addition to my list. But after reading 4 of her books in fewer weeks than that, I think it's safe to say that she has earned her place on my auto-buy list.

From the moment I read Not by Sight, I was an INSTANT fan of Kate Breslin! I have made sure to get my hand on of hers. My only complaint? I have to wait so long between books. 😂 But it's ok...I savor her stories like a piece of dark chocolate with salted caramel. 
If you haven't read Unblemished yet, what are you waiting for? Her Young Adult series crosses from the real world into fantasy. This is one of my first fantasy reads that literally swept me away. And now I just want to devour everything of hers...Coral releases soon and it is waiting for me on my Kindle...Eeeep!!!

The Lady and the Lionheart...Need I say more?

Melanie Dickerson writes some of my favorite fairy-tale retellings. Medieval, inspirational, sweet romance, and full of adventure!
Oh.My.Goodness! Y'all...I don't do creepy...But I DO Jaime Jo Wright creepy...Because I LOVE HER!!! 
OHMYGOSHITSJENTURANO!!!!! I will never NOT fangirl over this woman. She is such a beautiful person, friend, and author. And I am So.So.SO.honored to have met her and spent time with her. Her books fascinate me and I own all of them and will own the rest of the ones she writes!
The Lunar Chronicles and Heartless...Wow.Wow.Wow!!! I loved these so much that I currently have the first 2 books of the Renegades series on my shelf...Unread...But they are THERE!!!
Regency. Romance. Mystery. Humor. Kristi's books have it all folks! 100% some of my fave reads and worthy of the auto-buy list for sure. 
This is another author whose books I own all of, but have yet to read them all...But to be honest, it's because I'm scared. You can only read a book for the first time, once. And therefore, I have been savoring each morsel of words of Jody's that I can until I have read them all. of her books have made me cry. They are infused with so much passion and faith that I literally do nothing but read once I crack open one of her books. In fact, her latest release, A Reluctant Bride, I started at 11pm...Boy was THAT a bad idea...pretty sure I got like 3 hours of sleep that night. If you haven't tried a Jody Hedlund book yet...I suggest you check them out. Personally, I think A Reluctant Bride, is my favorite to date. 

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