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Friday, April 8, 2016

I am so excited to have Melony Teague visiting with us today! Melony is also graciously giving away an eBook of As the Ink Flows (courtesy of Judson Press). Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

About the Book

As the Ink Flows: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers integrates the craft of writing with the faith of people of the Word, in order to deepen, sustain, and expand ministry in the world. The volume includes 90 devotions written by members of Friends in the Word, a Canadian Christian writers’ group. Each entry features a Bible verse, a brief meditation on the Scripture and the writing experience, and a prompt for personal reflection and creative response. For ease-of-use, the devotions are organized topically, including: The Craft, Inspiration, Priorities, Life Stories, Wellbeing, Personalities, and Faithfulness.

My Thoughts

It has been a LONG time since I have done any writing outside of my reviews (journaling/poetry/creative ramblings) and in just a few days of reading these devotions,
my passion was reignited and the encouragement is exhilarating! I really enjoyed the prayer at the end of each devotion entry. The prompts and activities are excellent to motivate those creative juices. Whether you are a blogger, speaker, author or you just enjoy expressing yourself through writing, this devotional is for you! Now, enough from me, it is time to meet the lovely Melony!

Hello Melony! Thank you so much for joining us today!

Thank you for having me Rachel, what a delight to be here with you and your readers.

Where do you call home?

Although I was born in South Africa, Toronto, Canada is now my home. We overlook a little lake north of the city and although we are not right on the water, we can see it from our back deck, which provides many hours of entertainment watching the ice fishermen in winter and the kayaks and wind surfers go by in the summer. 

Oh! That sounds beautiful!
Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

That's a hard one Rachel! I would describe myself as a creative, mellowed-out, latte driven extrovert with way too much on my "to do" list, but I like it that way.

Nicely done! What is your favorite snack/beverage while writing?

Lately, I have been experimenting with Coffee Art. I have two latte's in the morning made with espresso shots. The Coffee Art is hit and miss and this point. Then at lunch time I switch over to Vanilla Earl Grey Tea. For a special treat I'll go for a Citrus Green Tea Latte. I don't usually snack while I write, I used to snack on Chocolate Almonds, but those proved to be way too addictive, so I had to put a stop to that! Having said that, if I need an extra boost of energy when I am working on a big project, then I'll have some whole nut hazelnut chocolate. Again, I try to limit these drastic measures.

I would love to be able to join you for a latte! Earl Grey lattes are among my favorite. Favorite thing to do to relax?

There is nothing more relaxing for me than reading a good book, if I am not being interrupted, that is. Since my brain is always going a mile-a-minute, reading fiction gives my mind a mini vacation. I have my favorite authors, but I am always open to discovering new ones. I'll pick a genre based on my mood, Young Adult Dystopian, Inspirational Historical Fiction, Inspirational Contemporary Romance or the occasional memoir.

With two young children myself, finding uninterrupted reading time is rare indeed. But I would have to agree with you, reading is a wonderful vacation!

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

My husband of 22 years, and my two children are my greatest joy! They are supportive of my life as a writer and my daughter is growing up to be one of my most valuable critique partners, which is fun to see. My son is an avid reader, just like his big sister and I love watching them discover and devour books. My husband is the poet in the family, usually really funny poems. I love his sense of humour. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love, and love what I do, and have the support of my husband and family. It means the world to me.

My heart is truly happy to hear this! What inspired you to write a devotional for writers?

Almost immediately after our writer's group was formed in October, 2012, Glenda Dekkema suggested we enter a publishing contest. I can't remember exactly how we came up with the idea for the devotional to be specifically for writers, but Glenda and I began working on the manuscript. Along the way, Carol Ford added some devotionals, some written while she was recovering from a back injury. As the project progressed, Claudia Loopstra was inspired to write about journaling and prayer, among other things. Our poet, Marguerite wrote four poems for the book. In total there are 90 devotions to inspire Christian writers and speakers. These ladies are such precious people! As we completed the manuscript we all felt that we wanted to get the devotional published instead of going the contest route. In the end we went with Judson Press, a publisher

since 1824. Our greatest desire is for this devotional to be a blessing to writers out there who pour their lives into writing for the enjoyment and benefit of their readers.

I just love to see how God can take an idea and craft it into something beautiful. What words of encouragement would you like to share with our readers?

There is so much I could say, but I would say: to aspiring writers (whether young or old) that it is never too late to follow your dream. To professional and published writers and speakers, I would encourage you to never lose your passion, and to remain true to yourself. I know how powerful the written word can be, they can move you to tears or make you laugh out loud. Writers have this wonderful opportunity to make their words count, to affect lives, to bring hope and entertainment to their readers and most importantly to tell stories. Whether you are blogging, writing a memoir, or working on your hundredth novel, I hope you never lose your love for the craft and underestimate your place as a writer or speaker.

Oh, Melony! Your words have touched my heart. Thank you for your time with us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

About the Authors

GLENDA DEKKEMA writes the chaplaincy column for Senior Care Canada magazine and her articles on health, the environment, and family life have been published in Canada and Europe. 
MELONY TEAGUE, a freelance writer who contributes columns and articles for local media, also handles communications and public relations for two missions organizations in Canada. 
CAROL FORD facilitates a Christian writers’ group and owns a consulting business. Certified in MBTI and Life Skills Coaching, Carol delivers workshops and speaks at various events. 
CLAUDIA LOOPSTRA is a published author of short stories and articles and a frequent workshop facilitator. She has served on the National Executive Council of Women Alive.
MARGUERITE CUMMINGS is a talented poet, an award-winning writer, and a former designer of reader guides and editor of discussion guides for Hot Apple Cider books.

Founded in 1824, Judson Press is a publishing ministry of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, American Baptist Churches USA. It is committed to producing Christ-centered leadership resources for the transformation of individuals, congregations, communities, and cultures. American Baptist Home Mission Societies—the domestic mission arm of American Baptist Churches USA—ministers as the caring heart and serving hands of Jesus Christ across the United States and Puerto Rico through a multitude of initiatives that focus on discipleship, community, and justice. American Baptist Churches USA is one of the most diverse Christian denominations today, with more than 5,200 local congregations comprised of 1.3 million members, across the United States and Puerto Rico, all engaged in God’s mission around the world.

I received a free ARC of As the Ink Flows from Judson Press in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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