Top Ten Tuesday - Wish list (Things I Want to See More of in Books)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today's prompt was actually kind of hard for me to come up with a list. So I recruited some help and bounced ideas off of several of my bookish friends! (You know who you are...and THANK YOU!!!)

 New locations. And not necessarily "missionaries" to places such as Africa, the Philippines, Russia, Italy. What if we had a heroine who studied abroad in Italy and ends up falling in love with a local or something...I would pick that up instantly!

Romance between "older couples" like Julie Lessman's Love Everlasting or Pepper Basham's Just the Way You Are.

Heroines that don't fit in the jello mold of perfection. 
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Two main characters end up with OTHER people...Or no one...Or just something unexpected! It would add a little more to the story...Because generally, you KNOW who is going to end up with who at the end of the story...Because the main characters ALWAYS end up together (especially in Historical or Contemporary Romance).

Vampires...I admit it, I have a problem. I would love to have more vampire stories that are "decent". Basically, with romance that doesn't go too far. 

Diversity in characters ethnicity. Diversity Between the Pages is a great resource for this.

Married couples - MOST (not all) of the books I read, they start with two single people that end up together in the end, but we miss their marriage relationship. Because the dynamics change drastically. Now...I am NOT saying we need "bedroom scenes" let's keep it classy...Just life. Normal everyday life. I am not just referring to "marriage of convenience" either.

What if....GASP....the main character(s?) die.... I know how hard it is when fictional characters die. BUT...depending on the genre, I would say if it fits, we should see a LITTLE more of it. Because I just read a series (no I am not telling you which one...) and I was EXPECTING someone to die....But they didn't...It was a little odd that they all made it through alive. 

I think it would be fascinating if we had a book with one main character or POV (point of view) and they engage with the reader in conversation throughout the book.

Illustrations - Especially in Young Adult. While it is always fun to imagine the monsters, beasts, machines, houses, your own brain. It is REALLY nice getting to see how the author pictures it all. Scott Westerfeld does that with his books and the illustrations are FABULOUS! (Find out more about Westerfeld's books HERE.)

There you have it my friends. What about YOU? 
What is something you would like to see more of in books?
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