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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You all know that I love to read....ya, ya, I know...Understatement of the year...But did you know that I also have a HUGE love for MUSIC? Broadway, Country, Classical, Celtic, Worship, Jazz Age, Soundtracks, and SO.MANY.MORE!!! If I started listing my favorite individual artists....Well, no one has time for that. Insead, my amazing hubby gave me the idea to share with you the music that I enjoy listening to while reading. Some of these you may head of...some maybe not...That's OK! I included a YouTube video for each category. That way, you can sample the music for yourself. 

Now, I know some people can NOT listen to music while reading, writing, working...etc. And depending on my current mood will depend on what type of music I select. (I am currently listening to #7 in case you are interested.) Some days I need instrumental...Some days I need the lyrics...

Therefore, I give you (in no particular order) TEN of my TOP music choices for reading. 

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on my playlist! And...What type of music do YOU listen to while you read, write, work, etc.

1. Lindsey Stirling

I don't remember HOW I came across Lindsey Stirling. I do remember being in awe of her abilities and style. I adore listening to her play and watching her dance. SO, if you can keep yourself from binge watching all her music videos, she is a GREAT choice for music...and not just for reading.

2. Sherlock

I have listened to this soundtrack on numerous occasions...But I LOVED listening to it while reading Rachel McMillan's Herringford & Watts Mysteries. Ah! It was simply PERFECT!

3. Pentatonix

Well...since Avi is leaving...**enter wails of mourning**...will they be Quadrotonix? At any rate, these guys are INCREDIBLE! We first heard of them at church, during the Christmas season, the media team played one of their Christmas songs during the announcements video...And we were immediately hooked. They are FUN to listen to (and watch) and have a unique and distinct sound.

4. Country

Yes, I am a country raised, twang loving, die hard fan of country music. Miranda Lambert is just ONE of my very favorites! 

5. Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

Do I even need to say anything? Oh! Yes, I do....EVERMORE!!!

6. Finding Neverland

I.LOVE.THIS.MOVIE! And I could listen to the music all day! So magical and free!

7. Study Music

So the album I am currently listening to is called Deep Sleep...Because I am trying to wind down for the night...May be a little odd for some people. But I am even SLOWLY convincing my hubby that this style of music is useful! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

8. Kari Jobe - The Garden

For relaxing, soaking, peaceful worship music. I 100% recommend Kari Jobe. Her new album is fabulous. BUCKETS of tears the first few times I listened to some of these songs....and even still, depending on the day. FULL of the Holy Spirit...It is easy to get lost in the presence of God while listening. 

9. Celtic Woman

Be still my heart! I could listen to Celtic Woman all day. In fact, I do...Even though the group keeps changing and evolving, the talent never diminishes. Their version of Amazing Grace is my all time favorite. Especially after reading Jody Hedlund's Newton and Polly, tears...every time.

10. Harry Potter Soundtrack

What better music could you have to read the Harry Potter books to? We actually went to the Music of Harry Potter performance last October. It was AMAZING! The lobby of the theatre was decorated to look like Diagon Alley. The 4 Hogwarts Houses had their own section for checking in. The teachers of Hogwarts were milling about. And even Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange were there! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

And there you have it my friends. Ten of my top choices for reading music. Now, tell me yours! 
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