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Monday, July 3, 2017

Adams and Jefferson Singing the Declaration

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event. -

I love diving into American History. Through visiting the sites in person...Pearl Harbor...WOW! I have no other words for that experience...and also visiting through reading books. Whatever the method, I adore travel. I have been to South Africa several times, and have been to many different states here in the USA...Although I have not been to very many of the locations listed below. Today I want to take you to some of my favorite locations that I have travelled to in books. I also recently found this AMAZING Scentsy element for my reading nook. It now graces my reading nook with its lovely aroma of "Southern Sweet Tea" at the moment. I'm in love with it! 

Are you ready to travel through 10 of my favorite American book locations? Click on the book covers to learn more about each book and author. Ok, here we go... 

Granite Mountain, Washington State. USA (near Seattle)
I LOVE where I live! The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and we get to enjoy all four seasons the way they are supposed to be hehe! Three feet of snow in the winter and 100℉ days in the summer. Although I admit that I prefer winter over summer...but FALL is my favorite! In the summer it gets light at 4:30 and stays light until after 10(4th of July fireworks begin at like 10:30....kinda awful with small children). There aren't TOO many books that I have found set in WA State. But, here are a couple that I read recently.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, Michigan. Michigan shores. Great Lake state. Upper peninsula.
Pinterest (Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.
Visited in Undaunted Hope)

If you have never visited The Great Lakes before, you are missing out on a spectacular and beautiful piece of our country. Although I was young (11 I think...?) when I visited, I remember being in complete awe of the magnificence of Lake Michigan. In Jody Hedlund's series, Beacons of Hope, we travel to several lighthouses in Michigan. Set in the late 1800s I just ADORE these books!
Novella - FREE
Book 1

Spain's long-term strategic plan was to seize the strongholds of Mobile and Pensacola, driving the British from the south. But Gálvez first had to secure Louisiana by taking Forts Panmure and Bute. (Baker Vail)
The Creole Princess opened my eyes to a viewpoint of the Revolutionary War that I had never considered before. So much of history focuses on the colonies up north that the south gets overlooked. If you are looking for a unique book with intriguing characters, add this book to your TBR!

Denali National Park #Alaska  Photo: @scott_kranz #wildernessculture

Alaska is a State that I have always longed to visit. I hope that someday I will be able to hike up Denali...Maybe not too high...But I still want to visit. The beauty and the magnificence of God's creation simply takes my breath away. Until I can visit in person...I shall travel there through books. One such book is In the Shadow of Denali. A historical book set when travel to Alaska was becoming more accessible. There is a lot of history explained in this book as well. Simply in love with this mountain!

onceuponatown: “ New York City, Lower East Side. 1890′s. The future site of…
New York City is such a wonderful city to visit in books....I have yet to go in person. There is so much to discover, so much history. Jen Turano's books are some of my FAVORITE books set in NYC. But I recently read Unblemished and while it is set in a different dimension, they do spend quite a bit of time in this world's New York. But the Gilded Age will always be my favorite! Jen's new series is the best she has ever written!


The Chicago Skyline, c.1920s. Photographer unknown.
Chicago fascinates me. When I visited as a little girl I remember the rush, the buildings, the museums....And I wish I could get back and visit again someday soon! I recently read a book set in Chicago during the 1920s that truly brought the era alive!

These mountains...are...BEAUTIFUL! I love the culture, the landscape, the people! The Biltmore is also located in these mountains. ALMOST as breathtaking as my own state hehe! Just the Way You Are takes place in England AND Appalachia (which is why it is considered a Britallachian Romance). I just ADORE the culture clash!

Boston Harbor  Boston, MA    Google Image Result for
Set during WWII, the Waves of Freedom series explores Boston in amazing detail! When my in-laws visited Boston, I recognized sooooo many of the locations in their pictures. Again, I have not been here in person...But until that day, I will continue to content myself with visiting in books...

The Old West - Alabama Hills
There is just something about a cowboy, and a ranch, and wide open skies....Mary Connealy is brilliant at infusing humor and romance with faith and the result is an EPIC western! 

Sunset Vineyard in Santa Maria, California � photo CentralCoastLIVE! on FlickrIt has been a looong time since I was in California, but I love the countryside. And vineyards are so beautiful. Rolling hills covered with lush vines. We have several vineyards throughout Washington as well...And I just love the peace and tranquility found in the area.  

What book locations are your favorite?
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