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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

KRISTY CAMBRON has a background in art and design, but she fancies life as a vintage-inspired storyteller. She is the bestselling author of The Ringmaster’s Wife, named to Publishers Weekly Spring 2016 Religion & Spirituality TOP 10. Her novels have been named to Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books and RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards Best lists for 2014 & 2015, and received 2015 & 2017 INSPY Award nominations. The Lost Castle (HarperCollins, series debut in 2018) is her fifth novel. Her first Bible studies (DVD + study guides), The Verse Mapping series, will release in 2018.

Kristy holds a degree in Art History/Research Writing, and has 15 years experience in education and leadership development for a Fortune-100 Corporation. She loves storytelling from the stage and travels to teach about the intersection of story roads, faith-following Jesus, and her affection for Bible Verse-Mapping. Kristy laughs daily with her husband and three sons, and can probably be bribed with a coconut mocha latte and a good read.
The last and most important thing? Jesus Christ is everything — let her tell you about Him sometime.

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Hidden Masterpiece Series

Jazz Age Entertainers Books

Coming Soon!

Launching a brand-new series, Kristy Cambron explores the collision of past and present as she discovers the ruins of a French castle, long lost to history.
A thirteenth century castle, Château de Doux Rêves, has been forgotten for generations, left to ruin in a storybook forest nestled deep in France’s picturesque Loire Valley. It survived a sacking in the French Revolution, was brought back to life and fashioned into a storybook chateau in the Gilded Age, and was eventually felled and deserted after a disastrous fire in the 1930s.
As Ellie Carver sits by her grandmother’s bedside, she hears stories of a castle… of lost love and a hidden chapel that played host to a secret fight in the World War II French resistance. But her grandmother is quickly slipping into the locked-down world of Alzheimer’s, and Ellie must act fast if she wants to uncover the truth of her family’s history.
Sparked by the discovery of a long forgotten family heirloom, Ellie embarks on a journey to French wine country to uncover the mystery surrounding The Sleeping Beauty— the castle so named for Charles Perrault’s beloved fairy tale— and unearth its secrets before they’re finally silenced by time.
Set in three different time periods—the French Revolution, World War II, and present day—The Lost Castle is a story of loves won and lost, of battles waged, and an enchanted castle that inspired the epic fairy tales time left behind.
THE LOST CASTLE— Book #1 in this new three-book series, will debut in February, 2018.

THE VERSE-MAPPING SERIES— DVD + study guide materials verse-mapping through the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts—will release in early 2018.
You can learn more about verse mapping HERE.

My familiarity with Kristy's writing is of an unusual sort. Kristy became one of my very favorite authors...BEFORE I even read a single word from one of her books. I follow Kristy's blog and read her posts on a regular basis. I don't know how many times by the end of the post I was bawling because her words hit such a deep level of my heart. Her convictions and her faith transfer to her books and it is beautiful. The first thing that stood out to me in Kristy's books was the unabashed faith that she has infused into her stories. I wish I could say that I have read all of her books, but I still haven't read her World War II books. However, Kristy's Jazz Age Entertainers books are superb. Kristy writes from the heart and, I believe, by the prompting of God's voice. To have such moving books that resonate in your heart for weeks and months after reading them. THANK YOU Kristy for everything that you contribute to Christian Fiction. Thank you for standing for what you believe and speaking the truth on so many levels.

The Illusionist's Apprentice

Agent Elliot Matthews stared down a firing squad. The potential executioners held firm in their stance with camera lenses and pencils cocked, all ready to fire. And fire they would, splashing sensational bulletins across the next day’s newspaper headlines. A slew of brash young journalists assembled in the famed Mount Auburn Cemetery, focused on the job at hand. They stood in formation at the front of the crowd, photographers tinkering with cameras and reporters tapping pencils against notepads, all with the itchiness of glorious anticipation. Elliot hated feeling hemmed in, with the press and scores of onlookers closing ranks. He wanted a full view in the event something erupted without warning, so he and his partner melted along the side of the gathering, opting for a perch along the old stone fence bordering Bigelow Chapel. They were still surrounded by the overhang of trees, but at least they would have a clear view of the front row. The faces in the crowd weren’t morose like one would expect to find in a cemetery on such a frigid day. They smiled and chatted, their curiosity piqued as they waited for the show to begin. Police stood by too, poised to arrest anyone who dared to cause a stir. And that’s all Elliot could think it was. A stir. A media frenzy in what should have been a place for mourners and grave diggers. Instead, a crowd of onlookers—spiritualists and press—had shown up at the public invitation printed in the Boston Globe the previous Monday: Famed Medium Horace Stapleton to Defy Death in Public Ceremony on New Year’s Eve. What a terrible waste. Elliot had seen a crowd of mourners fill a cemetery before—one too many times—and didn’t want to be haunted by the host of memories the current setting dared trigger. Not wishing to think back on things he couldn’t change, Elliot turned away and settled his attention on the landscape. If his objective was to forget, staring down lifeless trees seemed safer than watching a bunch of nail-biters in trench coats and fedoras. The canopy of trees formed a bower on all sides. Mist invaded, curling around the trunks of aged sycamores and maples. An icy drizzle coated the leafless limbs, making the scene look like a fragile glass world. “See that?”Elliot elbowed his partner. Agent Connor Finnegan responded with a full-body turn and a squint in Elliot’s direction. “Noticing something, Boss?”He coughed into his palm, a puff of breath on air. “Besides the zoo in front of us?”“The trees.”Elliot motioned to the line of sycamores and the only spot broken in the row of trees shadowing the chapel’s stone border. “Odd. In a well-known and meticulously manicured cemetery like this, the groundskeepers leave a spot untended in full view of the chapel. It’s just there. Barren. Lifeless. Like a tree fell and they neglected to replace it.” (Used with permission)

I have collaborated with all of these authors and I am so excited for this giveaway! I am giving away a box of FIVE books...All signed (one signed bookplate sticker) by the authors! I will also be including some bookish/reading items in the box of books, bookmarks, tea, chocolate, etc. Each "Blogiversary" post will have MORE options to enter to win, so make sure you check back. Today we are kicking it off pretty easy! Please enter via the Rafflecopter form below. If you are having difficulties please email me and we will get your name entered.

Kristy Cambron has contributed a SIGNED copy of The Illusionist's Apprentice for the giveaway!

**ONE (1) Winner will be selected by Rafflecopter at the end of the giveaway**
Books provided for giveaway by the individual authors and myself. Books included: Just the Way You Are, The Lady and the Lionheart, The Illusionist's Apprentice, Newton & Polly, Behind the Scenes. I am not compensated for any portion of this giveaway. Some of the books were donated for the giveaway. Giveaway will run 8/1/17 - 9/1/17 at 12:00am PDT. Open internationally. Void where prohibited. Please see Policies and Disclosures for more information. *Bookish swag items subject to change*
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