Top Ten Tuesday - Things I am excited to do at CFRR 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

I recruited some help/input with today's post. Because we are ALL so excited!!! And there are so many things that I am excited to do. For those of you who don't know what CFRR is Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. It is a One Day event where readers get to hang out with their favorite authors. Events include: Discussion Panels, Speaker Sessions, Worship, Book Signings, Speed Chats...It is SO exciting! This is their second one and I am SO blessed that I get to go again! Eeeeep #FOFA (Freaking Out and Flailing About)!!!! My Name Twin over on Rachael's Reads has provided us with Survival Tips for attending CFRR. You can read her post HERE. Today I am giving you 10 things that I (we) are excited about for CFRR this year!

The unanimous vote is HUGGING!!! This is just one thing that we are all excited. For cyber best friends....virtual hugs just aren't the same. I can not believe the relationships that have blossomed since CFRR 2016. Not only do we talk about bookish things with each other...We pray, encourage, tease, support, help, and love on each other...from afar...very far. So this is the one time during the year that we will (ALMOST) all be in the same building! Pretty sure it's safe to say that tears, laughs, and tackle hugs will be the first order of business! This photo --------------->

is Author Meghan Gorecki, Rachael from Rachael's Reads (aka my Name Twin), and me.

Here, showing off a sneak peek of our swag bags this year, is the adorable Gabby! (Thank you Just Commonly for the use of the photo.) Last year our swag bags were PACKED with all sorts of goodies! From chocolate and bookmarks, to books and fans...OH it was INCREDIBLE! And I know a few of the goodies in the bags this year (because I created them) and I tell you what...I think this year is going to blow everyone away! Eeeeeep!

The first thing my sister-in-law said to me when she found out CFRR 2017 was located in Cincinnati was that I HAVE to try Skyline Chili. A chili that has spaghetti, chocolate, cinnamon, and a MASSIVE amount of cheese? I'm game! I am so excited!

As one of the event coordinators, Carrie from Reading is my SuperPower says: Seeing everyone having fun, knowing that all the hard work paid off. Chatting and hanging out...spending quality time with authors and readers.

Mikal Dawn - Author Extraordinaire said: "I am SO EXCITED to be with my people!!! Those who GET me and my quirks and love for Christian fiction. Also, hugs. ALL THE HUGS!!!! And being with other Canadians who don't hear my accent. "

Melony Teague said she is excited to hear all of our "funny" accents. We have Pacific Northwest, Southern, Appalachian, Midwest, Canadian, and more. 

I have had several phone calls, video chats, messaging/texting/snapchatting and group video chats with my bookish friends...but there is just something about being together in the same room...laughing till we pee our pants and fan girl flailing till we can't breathe!

Beth from Faithfully Bookish says that CFRR 2017 is her "Mommy Vacay". "I am excited about recharging and letting my inner book nerd fan girl go wild." 

I am right there with you Beth! I am looking forward to some good quality time with y'all!

"I'm leavin' on a jet plane...." I am super excited to get some good reading time in on the flights and during layover. I have several kindle books downloaded and a couple of audio books. I still need to download music though. My earbuds will be my best friend for sure! 

So...we will have quite a few of us Rach(a)els there this year! And I am HOPING we can get a shot with all of us. I know these lovely ladies will be there and if there are more  that share our name, they had better jump in the photo too! Rachel Hauck, Rachael's Reads, Me, Rachel McMillanPhotos taken from their websites (Rachel McMillan's facebook)

I am unashamedly biased! Pepper Basham is one of my favorite people and working for her the last few months makes me even MORE excited to see her this weekend. Phone calls just aren't' the same as hugs. You can read more about why I love Pepper HERE and enter the giveaway(open till 9/1/17 12:00am PDT).

Some of you have seen this photo before. My friends lovingly call it my "Jen Turano Face" for yes, I was pointing at Jen as she was signing books. I had SO.MUCH.FUN with her last year in Nashville. Meeting authors is one of the highlights of my "career" as a book reviewer. I love emailing and chatting with them, but when we actually get to put a voice and a hug in the picture....AHHHHH #bestilmynerdgirlheart 😍 There are a few authors that I will b meeting for the first time this year...and some that I had the opportunity to meet last year...I can't contain my excitement! It is bubbling up and overflowing!!!

I mean, who would go to a Reader/Author retreat if you weren't excited about the books. I know that we will be getting a couple books in our swag bag and there will be giveaways and books for sale! Yay! 💗 All the books! Last year I came home with a hiking backpack STUFFED full of books. I won a box of books, plus bought a bunch, plus what was in the swag bag....oh it was bliss! One of the books in my swag was Close to You by Kara Isaac. I fell HEAD over tea kettle for this story. PLEASE check it out. 

Many thanks to Canva for providing an AMAZING program for me to design all these beautiful graphics. Book covers, publisher/tour logos, and author pictures not owned by me. All other graphics created by Bookworm Mama with public domain photos on Canva unless stated otherwise. (Photos of the Rach(a)els are not owned by me)

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