First Line Friday - The Best of Intentions

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy Friday!

Susan Anne Mason is phenomanal! I love everything that I have read from her and I am so excited to start this new series! From what I gather, this story is primarily set in Toronto. I LOVE BOOKS SET IN TORONTO! Granted, I have only read a few (*ahem*Rachel McMillan's) but still...It's a city that I can't wait to explore more of! Yet another book that I will probably listen to on SCRIBD here soon. If you can believe it, a year ago, I was LOATHE to listen to books! I have been converted...(If you haven't checked out SCRIBD yet, you can get a FREE 30-Day trial HERE.)

Today’s first line is from...

The Best of Intentions
Susan Anne Mason

May 1919

Grace Abernathy stood at the rail of the SS Olympic, staring out over the calm expanse as the last trace of sunlight disappeared over the horizon.

Read my review HERE.

What city do you love having a book set in? 

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