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Monday, August 13, 2018

This week for Top Ten Tuesday I am sharing a FEW of my favorite #Bookish Instagram accounts. I wish I was half as talented as these folks are! 



Me: I love reading so so much! Human: Nice! You must have read all these on your shelves then! Me: well here's the thing see Me: no . . Salt and burn @ me BUT ANYWAY. How has your weekend been?! I made apple crumble and kept to the aesthetic of the name and got crumbs absolutely everywhere. Kitchen pro here. I also fell down a rabbit hole of reading an old book draft of mine from 2015 and wOw was it BAD.😂At least I’m rereading Autobiography (SUCH A FAV) and just about dead with how much I love it. So all in all this weekend = me an utter mess. Nothing is new really. Here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . . Q✨What are you reading this weekend? . . #augustbookstagram18 [#shelfiesunday] . #bookstagram #booktower #stacksaturday #bookstack #bookshelf #shelfie #bookspinebeauty #bookblogger #rainbowbooks
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“What can I do to improve my personal appearance?” ~ page 60, The Princess Bride. 💐 So, today is my birthday. One year older, never younger. But if I asked my husband this question he wouldn’t hesitate to say, “Nothing.” This is the man who tells me every day how beautiful I am. A statement at which I roll my eyes as I attempt to give myself eyebrows. I certainly don’t deserve him, and yet there he is. He even says “As you wish” ~ a tradition he started when we were dating before he could say, “I love you.” Now “As you wish” means more to me than anything else he says. 💐 If I could have a birthday travel wish and go anywhere in the world, I might go to Europe. I’ve never been and I’m certain it’s chock full of inspiration for an author. So many beautiful stories come from that side of the world. 💐 I imagine Guy Fawkes in his mask, hiding in the shadows of London at night. I think of Peter Pan and the Darling children, flying over Big Ben, headed straight for the second star to the right. I picture Jane Austen at her writing desk, her mind filled with romantic tales of love and chivalry. I wonder about Hans Christian Andersen and his Little Mermaid and all the adventures he took with her in his head. 💐 But today will still be wonderful as I get to spend the entire time with my aunt, who just so happens to be one of my favorite people. I’m so blessed and grateful to be loved right here at home. Thank you to my amazing friend Carolyn for gifting me this mermaid scrub! It smells amazing! 💐 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? 💐 • #captainexplorespassages ~ Travel destination: page 60 • #allthebooksjune18 ~ Waiting on Wednesday ~ Fawkes releases July 10th! •#lillyricalmashup ~ “Come on baby, light my fire” ~ Bookish candles • #abcsofsummer18 ~ Evening song, summer playlist ~ Pride and Prejudice score for writing inspiration! 💐 #waitingonwednesday #booksbooksbooks #birthdaypost #bookish
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Happy #socksunday! It’s an OREO DAY! I ate all my real Oreos so I had to use Oreo books as a stand-in. 😏 Also, the amazing @stephaniehwarner sent me these Oreo socks to celebrate the release of Fawkes and I LOVE THEMMMMM. . Confession: Mister Ninja and I almost gave up on this photo. It’s hard to use abs to get my feet up like this since I’m 5 months pregnant. Mister Ninja and I spilled the milk TWICE. All over us. All over the books. We’re doing laundry right now. By the end of this photo I had sworn to NEVER DO RIDICULOUS BOOKSTAGRAM POSTS AGAIN. But we all know I’ll never stick to that. 😂 . I ended up kind of grumpy, but at least the photo turned out and THIS IS ALL YOU GET FROM ME. I’m going to go eat some real Oreos to comfort myself. 😛 . What’s your favorite weekend snack? . #NadinesLibrary #booknastics #Oreos
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How do you choose your next book to read? 😳 . . Many thanks to @harpercollinschristian / @tnzfiction for these lovelies! Two of these are new to me authors, but Ive heard great things. Others are authors that are on my #mustread list as well. I've read #TheLoveLetter by @rachelhauck already and loved it (review a few posts back or full review on my blog - link in bio)! . . Those interested in #TheOrphansWish by @melaniedickerson123, be sure to check out the #Takeover #BookTour from @justreadtours! Your chance to win a copy plus more! . . Have you read the others? Any thoughts? . . #bookstoread #bookstagram #bookgram #bookphoto #bookphotography #bookstagrammer #booksbooksbooks #read #bookpic #booknerdigans #booknerdproblems #booklover #bookworm #christianfiction #Amishfiction #yafiction #dualtime #rachelhauck #jamesmarket #bookstafeature
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➵ May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks. - Gandalf, The Hobbit. ➵ You can maybe tell from my stories that I’ve been geeking out over the night sky 🌌 We’re due for a total Lunar Eclipse early tomorrow morning (which results in a blood moon or “black moon” - shoutout to my Poldark lovers) and Mars is going to be super bright! It’s already very bright, nothing like beautiful Venus however. I find the night sky such a fascinating and incredible thing! I’m so blessed to live in the country, where there’s no street lights or pollution dulling down this beautiful part of God’s creation ♥️ ➵ ➵ ➵ #thelordoftherings #jrrtolkien #thehobbit #thorinoakenshield #frodobaggins #bookishlove #bookishfeature #bookishlife #bookflatlay #booklion #bookishmerch #bookcollection #bookishcandles #booksandcandles #bookishthings #bookishgirl #bookdragon #bookspines #thebookishnymph #booksbooksbooks #bookworms #bookaesthetic #bookstack #tolkientribe
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I have finally started my break from work and I can't wait. I manage a school library, which means I am now looking at almost 7 weeks off work. It's gonna be amazing, but also a little boring. It is only day 3 and I am already a little bored, given that 99.9% of everybody else I know will be working during that time. I am having a week away in Spain though and I can't wait. I'm also hoping to get some reading done, as I have had quite the reading slump. Do you guys have any holidays planned? I don't know if you have seen but @acourtofcandles have just released some new candles. They have a few great anime ones added to the collection. The kids at work have recently got me reading manga, mostly to age check some of it. I recently read all of Assassination Classroom and I was actually a big fan. I'm eyeing up a few more to read and think some of those candles might make it on to my shelf in the future. If you want to grab yourself some, use code RFAB and save. #bookstagram #books #acoc #acourtofcandles #beautyandthebeast #batb #belle #bookishcandles #bookcandles #bookcandle #disney #funko
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