Fire & Ice (Wild at Heart Book #3) - Mary Connealy

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bailey has hidden her true identity for years. Will she be able to set aside the charade, forgive herself for her past and open herself to love?

In 1866 it is unheard of for a woman to be a successful rancher. But that is exactly what Bailey Wilde has done. Through hard work, sheer determination and hiding that she is indeed a woman, her ranch is thriving. Partly due to the fact that she has homesteaded directly across the opening to a lush canyon owned by Gage Coulter. Gage will stop at nothing to get his canyon back, even if it means blowing up the mountain. Bailey's sisters have both married and moved away just as winter is setting in. As she endures the frigid winter months alone, she longs for companionship. And then Gage shows up with a proposal that could drastically change their lives. Will they both be able to overcome their stubborn independence and work together as a team? Will their fire and ice spark into love along the way?

         "That's not God refusing to forgive you...It's you refusing to forgive yourself."

Fire & Ice was a wonderful completion to the Wilde sisters' stories. Mary Connealy's unique story line was very interesting. I did get frustrated with Gage's attitude a couple of times, and the situation

Toward the Sunrise - An Until the Dawn Novella - Elizabeth Camden

Saturday, October 17, 2015

When a rash decision threatens Julia's dreams, she seeks help from the one person who can help her. Ashton Carlyle, attorney to the business tycoon Nickolaas Vandermark.

It is 1897 and Julia Broeder longs to become a physician and travel the world as a medical missionary. But when she makes a hasty decision and is expelled from college, she watches as her dreams crumble before her. The Vandermarks have always taken wonderful care of her family and she beseeches Ashton Carlyle for his help. Reluctant to help at first, Ashton spends more time with Julia and sees the potential that she carries as a medical missionary. Will Julia see her dreams become a reality or will she find a new dream?

"You are going to change the world wherever you go. Don't give up now."

This is the first book that I have read by Elizabeth Camden and I was not disappointed. This book made me laugh on multiple occasions. There are a few mentions of

Luther and Katharina: A Novel of Love and Rebellion - Jody Hedlund

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Amidst the flames of the Reformation, the bonds of love become an overpowering force.

The year is 1523, Martin Luther's teaching have slipped into the abbey were Sister Katharina von Bora resides. His words are powerful and awakens the desire for marriage and a family in Katharina. She leads a handful of nuns in an escape from the abbey, to forsake their vows and follow Doctor Luther. Danger follows the sisters and Abbott Baltazar will stop at nothing to see the nuns returned and punished for their sinful ways. Doctor Luther protects the sisters and finds them husbands and homes to begin a new life. All the while steadfast in his vow to remain single. Katharina and Martin are as opposite as can be, yet they are drawn together despite the never ending tension. Little does he know that the fiery sister who led these brave nuns to freedom would steal his heart. Katharina is of noble birth however, and longs to return to her social class and regal way of life. Will she be able to put aside her stubborn desires for true love? Will Doctor Luther be able to forsake his vow of isolation? When life is at its darkest, love triumphs through it all. 

I will begin by saying that I can not believe the historical accuracy of this book. I was eager to read the author's note and

The 12 Brides of Christmas (Novella Collection) - Various Authors

Friday, October 9, 2015

Twelve Heartwarming Historical Romances for the Season of Love.

In this collection you will find 12 short stories that are set during the 1800s in the frontier of our expanding country. As the name of the collection proclaims each story highlights a bride's journey to love and romance. This collection has a wide variety of stories and characters. While I thoroughly enjoyed each story, a couple of my favorites were: The Festive Bride by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, The Nutcracker Bride by Margaret Brownley and The Christmas Tree Bride by Susan Page Davis. 

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than 12 novellas written by some of my favorite authors? Each author did a wonderful job of capturing the Spirit of Christmas in just 50 short pages. Every story drew me into the heart of the season. The blessing that God gave us in Jesus' birth is demonstrated
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