The Silent Governess – Julie Klassen

Friday, January 30, 2015

  Olivia Keene has been forced into silence to protect the secrets of the past and the security of the future.

  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time causes events to spin out of control for Olivia. Her life takes a completely different direction than she anticipated. So many secrets, so many mysteries of the past. Edward Bradley is fearful of what the truth will mean for his future. His father, Lord Brightwell, must answer for his past actions. We get to see this story through the eyes of Edward and Olivia. They both struggle with their identity when everything they thought they knew about themselves starts to crumble. Through their journey we discover what it means to find your identity in Christ and how being a child of The King, our future is always certain. 

  One of the things that I enjoy the most about Mrs. Klassen’s work is that she is so talented at bringing scripture and truth into her books. Our leading lady, Olivia Keene, does not have much, if any faith, in the beginning of our story. She suffers loss and heartache, but in the end discovers the truth about the Father, his love and tenderness, and that “All things work together for good”. I love

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Captive Trail; A Morgan Family Series - Texas Trails Book 2 - Susan Page Davis

An escaped Comanche captive looking for her true family. An Ursaline mission run by the Sisters who nurse and protect Taabe Waipu. A stagecoach driver who will stop at nothing to reunite Taabe with her family. And a band of Comanche warriors who want their prisoner back.

The second book in the Morgan Family Series takes place about 12 years after the first book Lone Star Trail, and it does stand alone if you choose not to read the first book. Beginning in 1857, we follow the story Taabe Waipu in her journey to discovering her true identity. She has been with the Comanche for so long that she has forgotten almost everything, even English, except for the fact that she does not belong with the Comanche. She finds a safe haven with the Nuns at the mission and a friend in Ned Bright, the stagecoach driver. As her affections for Ned grow, so does her doubt. Will he accept her once he knows the secrets of her past? As time progresses, Taabe relearns English and can communicate more about who she is and inquires are sent from families in Texas that have lost children to the Indians. Will she ever find her family? Will she be protected from her captors, or will they find her and force her return? 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Captive Trail. The “Old West” is one of my favorite time periods to read. I was skeptical at first because each book in this series is written by a different author. But

Esther: Royal Beauty – A Dangerous Beauty Novel – Angela Hunt

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adonai has a calling and a purpose for each one of His children. Hadassah has been called to the royal palace, but in all of her greatest dreams and imaginings, she could never have guessed what His purpose was for her life.

Hadassah (Esther) is a Jewish girl living in the royal city of Susa, in the great land of Persia, ruled by all powerful King Xerxes. Orphaned at a young age, her cousin Mordecai and his wife Miriam raise Hadassah as their own daughter. King Xerxes’ wife Vashti has defied him. His advisers suggest that she be dismissed as Queen, or the women of Persia will begin to treat their husbands the same way. The King becomes lonely however, and therefore sends out a nationwide search for a new wife. When everything has been arranged for Hadassah’s marriage to a local Jewish man, her world is turned upside down. Brought to the palace against her will, will she please the King and become his Queen? Or will she live out her life anonymously in the harem? 

Being a familiar Bible story to me, Esther: Royal Beauty was a relaxing book to read, because I knew how it would end. Angela Hunt did a wonderful job filling in the spaces of the story that have been

Price of Privilege – Price of Privilege Trilogy Book 3 – Jessica Dotta

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

While this is most definitely one of the darkest books I’ve read, I am in awe of the author’s magnificent way of transmitting Julia’s emotions to the reader.

**If you have not read the first two books, please be aware of spoilers**
Julia Elliston is about to face her Goliath and her entire world is crumbling in front of her eyes. Her dream of living happily ever after with Edward is snatched away almost the moment it begins. Julia and Edward are forced to return to Lord Pierson as news of the scandalous vicar has reached the village where Edward served. But before they can even begin to settle into their new life, Macy has returned to “collect his wife”. Using his notorious skills of manipulation, Macy has set in motion the charges that will destroy the entire Pierson family, and return Julia to his safe keeping. Lord Dalry brings forth his old school friend Mr. Whitney to fight her case. We meet another friend in this book, Jameson, the fetching butler. Edward offers Jameson a job after his father decides to replace him. Jameson adds some much needed humor to this story. As she prepares for her court date, Julia comes to hate herself for the mistakes that she has made. But with Isaac’s help, in the most touching and tragic way possible, she comes to see herself as God sees her and loves her. She becomes a new person walking in the love and acceptance of the Father. A place that I hope we can all achieve. As tensions grow and truths are revealed, everyone has very severe choices that must be made. How will Lord Pierson protect his daughter? Will Edward be charged with crimes he didn’t commit? Is there anyway Isaac can free Julia from this monster? Has Macy paid off everyone so he will walk free and claim his wife? But most importantly, will Julia’s faith stand firm throughout the trials and the hardships? 

I have had completely mixed emotions about the entire story in general. I have come to realize, however, that it is because I prefer a more lighthearted book. The conclusion of the Price of Privilege

Mark of Distinction – Price of Privilege Trilogy Book 2 – Jessica Dotta

Thursday, January 8, 2015

  As our story continues, the plot thickens. Finding sanctuary with her father, Lord Pierson, Julia becomes the center of London society. Being one of the wealthiest heiress’ in the country and keeping her past a secret at all costs drains her body, mind and spirit. She no longer knows who she is or what her heart truly longs for. Lord Pierson has plans of matrimony for Julia to Lord Dalry. Macy is still on the loose and is always searching for his “lost wife”. Thoughts of Edward are ever at the forefront of her thoughts. Will Macy expose Julia and Lord Pierson? Will Julia submit to her Father’s decisions regarding her future? When all seems lost will she turn to the One who will never leave us nor forsake us?

  As I proceed with this trilogy I am constantly frustrated with our characters, yet I have been drawn in so much that I must finish! There are a few character inconsistencies in Mark of Distinction regarding Lord Pierson. Nothing major, but enough to make me a tad confused. Yet without it, there would be no story. Julia’s personality is slightly aggravating as well. She is constantly making the worst decisions and then has extreme consequences to face.

Born of Persuasion – Price of Privilege Trilogy Book 1 – Jessica Dotta

Saturday, January 3, 2015

 Our leading lady, Julia Elliston, is the daughter of the famed Atheist William Elliston. She is young and naïve, her mother tried to protect her and shield her from the world outside. She has much to learn about the world and is in a delicate emotional state. Her entire life has begun to crumble, starting with the death of her mother. She soon learns that everything she thought she knew is a lie. How did her mother die exactly? And who is this mysterious guardian who wishes to remain anonymous? Her childhood sweetheart has betrayed her, yet is there hope for reconciliation? As we follow Julia’s journey of discovery we encounter a few other key players. Edward and Henry Auburn, brothers who fell in love with Julia and her best friend Elizabeth Windham as children. They made plans of their future together and were secretly betrothed. But now, all their hopes and dreams are threatened. Elizabeth’s mother, Mrs. Windham has taken it upon herself to find a husband for “poor Julia”. Lady Foxworth is intent upon playing matchmaker as well. Little does Julia know the vast change in life that could take place if she concedes to marry Mr. Macy. A man with extraordinary wealth that has promised to care for and protect Julia. But can he be trusted? When laws cannot protect Julia, will her life come to ruin? And will she take a step of faith towards the only One who remains constant in an ever changing world?

  To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to think of this book most of the time I was reading it. Now that I have finished I will say that while I wasn’t 100% impressed with particulars of the
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