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Monday, January 27, 2020

A Plan for Everything JustRead Blog Tour 
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A Plan for Everything by Beverly Varnado Title: A Plan for Everything
Author: Beverly Varnado
Publisher: Anaiah Press
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: January 21, 2020

Connie’s Coffee and Cones is thriving, and owner Connie Spencer is right on track to realize her dream of expanding into a catering business. She believes she owes her success to her remarkable ability to plan. In fact, she has a plan for everything. At least, she thought she did—until Michael Cole appears in Worthville.

Michael has an agenda of his own—and a competing business—that threatens to derail everything Connie hopes for professionally. And if that isn’t enough, Michael carries a secret that could cause a backlash for both of them. So, why does she find herself attracted to him? When an accident on a rain-slicked highway leaves Michael temporarily incapacitated, Connie is presented with a dilemma she never saw coming—helping the man she’s falling for, or moving ahead with her meticulous plans.

As life spirals out of her control and Connie faces losing everything, she questions whether her plans are enough. But if hers aren’t, whose are? As she searches for the answer, she learns she must come to terms with her deepest hurt in order to embrace a higher plan for her future.

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     Connie glanced from her calendar to see a nice looking man with a great tan wearing a classic fishing shirt. She moved beside Sofia, who placed a large cappuccino on the counter. “Do you know who that is?” Connie nodded to the man in question. 
     Sofia directed her gazed toward him for a moment. 
     He took off his sunglasses and stopped to look at the menu board. Premature salt and pepper at his temples gave him a weathered look… in a good way. 
     Sofia shook her head and called, “Evan, your cappuccino is ready.” 
     Fishing shirt, huh? Connie hadn’t been fishing in… the memory came back. She winced a bit at the bitter sweetness of it. It was a long time ago. What was this guy doing in Worthville? Maybe taking Dayton’s place at the plant. Dayton. The sting is so fresh. 
     Sofia poured another cup of coffee and put a decaf house blend on the counter. “George.” 
     Her voice shook Connie. She was staring. She busied herself making the next order―a strawberry sundae. A sundae for breakfast? Oh, well, not hers to question. If someone wanted to float through their morning on a sugar high, it was their business. 
     The fishing shirt man moved to the counter, glanced at the chalkboard above her, and tilted his head slightly to the left as their eyes met. 
     “What could we help you with?” she asked. 
     “I was reading your sign there. No disrespect to a founding father, but spontaneity has its merits, too.” He spoke with a slight grin, and his eyes crinkled in a winsome way. 
     Connie dismissed his comment and smiled her chamber-of-commerce smile. “Would you like coffee this morning?” 
     “Decaf vanilla latte…” He glanced at the muffin counter. “And how about one of those blueberry muffins?” 
     “Decaf vanilla latte, blueberry muffin,” she repeated with the ice cream scoop still in her hand. 
     Sofia put a small black coffee on the counter. “Rachel.” 
    As Rachael came to the counter, Connie reached over and released one scoop of strawberry ice cream into the cup. 
     No one said a word, but they all stared at a pink blob floating in black coffee, which sent hot liquid streaming down the sides of the cup and a rivulet running off the edge of the counter. 
     Then, as if suffering from electric shock, Connie said, “Oh no, what am I doing?” She grabbed the coffee cup, emptied it into the sink behind her, and threw a towel on the counter to mop up the spilled coffee. She grinned and laughed. “I must be a little tired.” What was she thinking? Or was she thinking at all? “You wanted… oh yes, decaf vanilla latte. I think we can handle your order without any further mishap.” Her face burned around the edges as the woodsy scent of his after shave drifted her way. 
     She turned to Sofia, who eyed her with suspicion as she poured a new cup of coffee for Rachael. “I’ll make the latte.” Sofia handed the coffee to Rachael, who stood at the counter appearing dazed by the strawberry in the black coffee incident. She took the cup and scuttled off to her computer. 
     The man extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Michael Cole.” 
     Connie wiped her hand on a towel. “Connie Spencer. Nice to meet you. Are you new in town?” Of course, he was new. Didn’t she know almost everyone in Worthville? Why was she so rattled? 
     “Just moved here.” 
     “What brings you to Worthville?” 
     “Starting a new business.” 
     Connie nodded. “We’re always excited to hear about new entrepreneurs. I’m surprised I don’t already know about it. What is your business?” She missed the last chamber of commerce meeting, so it might have been discussed then. 
     Sofia moved beside Connie and put Michael’s latte and muffin on the counter. “Excuse me, boss…” 
     Connie blocked the rest of Sofia’s sentence as Michael latched onto the coffee and put his money on the counter. “I see you’re busy. We’ll catch up later. Keep the change.” 
     Sofia continued talking, sounding like the teacher in that cartoon movie. Blah, blah, blah. What did she say? Something about chairs. Connie slid the money off the counter as Michael headed toward the door. 
     “Hey, boss? Did you hear me say we have twenty kids coming down the sidewalk?” 
     “Hmm, oh, yes, twenty kids?” Connie repeated, blinking. 
     Sofia pivoted to move into the dining room, moving chairs and tables around to accommodate the larger class. 
     Connie followed her, trying to understand what just happened. Had she lost her mind?


Beverly Varnado, author

Award-winning Southern writer, Beverly Varnado, is a novelist, screenwriter, and blogger who writes to give readers hope in the redemptive purposes of God.

She has written a nonfiction memoir as well as several novels and screenplays, one of which was a finalist for the prestigious Kairos Prize in Screenwriting. Her work is also included in several anthologies and periodicals. As an artist, her work was recently chosen for exhibit at a State University gallery.

She lives in Georgia with her husband, Jerry, and their chocolate Aussiedor who is outnumbered by several cats. Beverly is Mom to three children and Mimi to two grandchildren.

Read her weekly blog One Ringing Bell, peals of words on faith, living, writing, and art at

CONNECT WITH BEVERLY: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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A Plan for Everything JustRead Giveaway

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First Line Friday - Support Australia - Carolyn Miller

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Happy Friday!

Today as a group, we are featuring Australia based books and Aussie Authors. Our hearts break everyone who is experiencing such tragedy in Australia with the bushfires. Prayers and support to Australia! Today I am featuring Australian author, Carolyn Miller.

Happy Reading!

Today’s first line is from...

The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey
Carolyn Miller

Brighton Cliffs, England
April 1815
The Honorable Clara DeLancey stood atop the chalky cliffs.

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GIVEAWAY! Exit Stage Right - Jennifer Wilcock

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Exit Stage Right JustRead Blog Tour 
Welcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for the Exit Stage Right by Jennifer Wilcock, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Exit Stage Right by Jennifer Wilcock Title: Exit Stage Right
Author: Jennifer Wilcock
Publisher: Word Alive Press
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: November 30, 2019

She wants to dance, and she’s willing to sacrifice everything, everyone, to get it. 

Coco Bradley is a talented ballet dancer, and when an opportunity arises for her to audition for the prestigious Spencer School of the Performing Arts, she’s not about to let anyone stop her— including her parents, her friends, and any of the prima donnas of the art school. A pastor’s kid, Coco has grown up serving God and people, but gaining entry to Spencer means leaving behind all the expectations that come with growing up in the pastorate, as well as the dead-end town of Wyattsville. 

Coco lives by the creed “Ballet First,” but she’s about to find out in a painful way that there’s more to life than dancing.

Opportunities, fame, and love all come calling as Coco chases her dream. But in going after what she wants, will she lose the things that matter most?


This isn’t happening. But the long, cold fingers of panic squeezing Coco Bradley’s throat told a different story. 

The backstage door to the theater slammed shut as the gurney she was riding on was wheeled out into the crisp night air. Swirling red lights flashed in her face, confirming her worst fears. She took a deep breath to steady herself, but the smell of a hundred different restaurants and street vendors, as well as exhaust fumes, only made her feel more nauseated. She usually loved the smells of the big city. Tonight, though, she had to swallow hard to keep the contents of her stomach down, as well as the fear and panic that threatened to overwhelm her.

Excerpt from Exit Stage Right by Jennifer Willcock
Copyright 2019, Word Alive Press

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Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Willcock grew up telling herself stories in the middle of the night to keep away the monsters that lurked in the dark. Once she realized there weren’t any real monsters, she kept telling stories. A voracious reader, Jennifer reads many different genres, but she never outgrew young adult fiction. A degree in English Literature enabled her to keep her love affair with reading and writing alive. A blogger, speaker, and writer, she belongs to the MOPS Network of Speakers and the Word Guild of Canada. 

Jennifer studied ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance during her teen years and into adulthood. She has taught in private and community settings and choreographed productions for her church over the years. In 2017, Jennifer decided she was brave enough to try and write fiction and joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. She “won” it, writing 50,000 words in thirty days. The result is Exit Stage Right, a dream she thought was impossible to achieve. In 2019, the novel made the shortlist of the Word Alive Press fiction writing contest.

Besides being a mom to two sons, she is married to Mark, a pastor. She works part-time in the local library, where she’s inspired every day to write a book that will one day be on the shelves. The family’s pet dwarf rabbit, Whiskers, is her muse as he sits at her feet while she writes. She’d love for you to connect with her online.

CONNECT WITH JENNIFER: Website | Facebook Twitter | Instagram


(1) winner will receive a copy of Exit Stage Right and a $25 Amazon gift card!

Exit Stage Right JustRead Giveaway

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Dangerous Alliance - Jennieke Cohen

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

My Rating

★★★★★ - You have bewitched me, body and soul. (More Info)

About the Book

Lady Victoria Aston has everything she could want: an older sister happily wed, the future of her family estate secure, and ample opportunity to while her time away in the fields around her home.

But now Vicky must marry—or find herself and her family destitute. Armed only with the wisdom she has gained from her beloved novels by Jane Austen, she enters society’s treacherous season.

Sadly, Miss Austen has little to say about Vicky’s exact circumstances: whether the roguish Mr. Carmichael is indeed a scoundrel, if her former best friend, Tom Sherborne, is out for her dowry or for her heart, or even how to fend off the attentions of the foppish Mr. Silby, he of the unfortunate fashion sensibility.

Most unfortunately of all, Vicky’s books are silent on the topic of the mysterious accidents cropping up around her…ones that could prevent her from surviving until her wedding day. (From the publishers)

My Thoughts

I first heard about Dangerous Alliance from Carrie over at Reading is my SuperPower...She told me that I simply must read it...And of course, she was right! I was pleased to receive a copy in The Bookish Box's Ardently Austen December box! Participating with their Instagram Read-a-Long and Photo Challenge has been absolutely thrilling! You can see all my photos on my Instagram HERE, but I included a couple of my favorite in this post.
The items included in December's box! #ArdentlyAusten

If you are a fan of Austen, you simply must read this book! Lady Victoria would make Austen's heroines proud. Gleaning from their wit and wisdom, she applies (or....tries to apply) the lessons she has learned from reading Austen's novels. But real-life isn't as easily packaged up as stories on the page. And as Vicky, and Tom, learn that even though life can bring us terrible, terrible circumstances, we have the ability to write our own story and make our own fate. 

Dastardly villains, a compassionate hero, a healing sister, a PLOT TWIST (that I totally did NOT see coming), and a dangerous alliance...Ms. Cohen brings us the very best of Regency mixed with the humor and the fandom of Austen. I cannot stress enough the brilliance of this well thought out style of story. Fresh and invigorating...and makes me want to read Austen all day and watch Regency shows on Masterpiece!

*This is a General Market read. While clean by my standards, there are a couple of swear words.

I received a copy of Dangerous Alliance from The Bookish Box, a subscription box that I paid for. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

About the Author

Jennieke Cohen writes historical fiction for young adults inspired by real people and events because life is often stranger than fiction. She studied English history at Cambridge University and has a master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California. Jennieke loves exploring new locales but always returns home to Northern California where the summers are hot, the winters are mild, and life is casual.

Happy 2020! And an Announcement!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

How can we be celebrating another NEW year already? How fast 2019 went! So many memories made...books read...and blog posts never written. 😏

I recently joined the JustRead Publicity Tours team along with Beth of Faithfully Bookish. And as of January 2, 2020, we have been made official partners. We could not be more thrilled than to be able to work alongside co-owners and our Book Sisters, Carrie and Annie. You can read the official announcement HERE and sign up to be a host while you are there 😉
(Graphic created by Carrie and her Knightley)

2019 was a year of many transitions and adjusting to several "new normal"s for my family. From my husband joining the Fire Department, to my youngest son (Ezra) starting Kindergarten...We have all felt the full effect of change.

I have decided to lift the pressure that I have placed on myself and have resolved to post LESS this year. I WILL still be posting my reviews here! But I'll be cutting out the "extra posts". However...I WILL still be posting on my group blog Hoarding Books and make sure you check out my Instagram as I am actively growing my profile there. You will also be seeing more posts for JustRead Tours in the near future. 😀

I am so blessed and grateful to the bookish community! The authors, fellow readers, and FRIENDS that I have gotten to know have meant the world to me and I am here today because of RELATIONSHIP! I can't wait to see what this year holds.

Happy New Year!
💜 Rachel
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