Buttermilk Sky - Jan Watson

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

From the moment I opened the pages of Buttermilk Sky I was transported to 1913, and I didn't want to leave.

We follow the story of Mazy Pelfrey and her journey of discovering not only who she is, but what is truly important in life. Mazy is from a small town in the mountains of Kentucky. We begin the book with her attending secretarial school in Lexington. She is swept off her feet by wealthy Loyal Chambers who expresses interest in her. Chanis Clay is the local sheriff back home in Skip Rock and even though they are not formally engaged, he is preparing a home for Mazy. She is unsure of the direction that she wants her life to lead. Mazy encounters many people. From high strung, snobby Eva who is jealous of Mazy and determined to always have her own way; to Cinnamon Spicer, a girl with next to nothing that works day in and day out to support her father who is ill. The choices Mazy makes will determine the rest of her life. Sometimes our path in life is not always obvious at first. Even through prayer and relying on wisdom from the Lord, there are times that we need to step out in faith even if we can't see where the road leads. Trusting that the Lord will cover and protect us, even if it means having to turn around and start again.

Jan Watson did a fabulous job of making me feel like I was experiencing life in Kentucky in the year 1913. The entire book encompasses the feel and effect of the era. The title is mentioned more than
once in the book, and the description was warm and homey feeling to me. Envisioning a "buttermilk sky", breathing the clean mountain air, walking the streets of Lexington, I feel like I was there every step of the way in Mazy's journey. The book has good Biblical principals without being "overly spiritual". I am looking forward to reading more from Jan Watson.

As a part of their Blogger Review program, I received a free copy of Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson from Tyndale House Publishers. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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