Saturday, July 4, 2015

An Uncertain Choice - An Uncertain Choice Book 1 - Jody Hedlund

After spending years preparing to become a nun, is there finally a chance that Lady Rosemarie can find true love?

Lady Rosemarie finally has peace about her imminent future at the convent. But one month before her eighteenth birthday The Noblest Knight returns after his long absence and everything she knows is turned upside down. The Ancient Vow of Hannah, that Lady Rosemarie's parents made, has one exception: marriage of true love by midnight on the 18th birthday will end the vow. Three knights are presented to Lady Rosemarie who have a contest to win her heart. But is one month long enough to fall in love? When incidences arise, it appears one of the knights is to blame. Is the convent a better choice for Lady Rosemarie or will she follow her heart to her true love?

Jody Hedlund's first YA novel did not disappoint! The medieval setting, the romance, the intrigue and the faith all met with my expectations. Lady Rosemarie's character is very naive and is swayed easily
by other people's opinions. However, as the story moves along, she learns how to stand up for herself and finds what she truly believes. Although the story line was fairly predictable, I was thoroughly entertained. As usual with Jody Hedlund's books, I couldn't put it down (the laundry still isn't done). I am thankful to Jody for providing appropriate YA reading material.

The Vow: A Novella (Prequel to An Uncertain Choice)
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Published by Zondervan.

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