Friday, February 10, 2017

First Line Fridays - 2/10/17 - A Lasting Impression

Happy Friday!!!

What are you reading this week? I am currently in the middle of a great book that I will be reviewing in the next couple days. But today I wanted to highlight a book that I am really hoping I can read soon! I was honored to meet Tamera Alexander in Nashville last summer at Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. In addition, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful Belle Meade Plantation and Belmont Mansion. Both historic sites are featured in two series by Tamera. The third Belmont Mansion book just released (links below) and I thought it would be fun to highlight the first book of the series.  

"French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana
September 7, 1866
Claire Laurent studied the finished canvas on the easel before her, and though  masterpiece hardly described it, she knew the painting was her best yet."

Post your first line below and head over to see what First Lines my lovely friends have today!

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Andi - Radiant Light

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Belmont Mansion

Abi and I at Belmont Mansion

Don't miss Tamera's new release in the Belmont Mansion Series, A Note Yet Unsung.


Becky Smith said...

My first line is from Still Life by Dani Pettrey: "He glanced around what had become a dumping ground by the river's edge. Dark, silent...deserted. Perfect. (Sorry-I know that's more than just the first line, but it's so good!)

Caryl Kane said...

I would love to visit Belle Meade Plantation and Belmont Mansion! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

My first line comes from Promise of Deer Run by Elaine Marie Cooper


Huzzah! It’s over! The treaty’s been signed! Huzzah!

englishmysteriesblog said...

The Mark of the King
Jocelyn Green

And the first line is...

Paris, France
September 1719

"There it was again. Suddenly wide awake, Julianne covered her ears. Straw crunched beneath her, needling her skin through the ticking as she inched away from the dank stone wall and closer to the warm body beside her."

Happy reading and happy Friday!

Beth Erin said...

Since I got A Twist of Faith (by Pepper Basham) down for Carrie's post, I'll just have to read revisit a few pages and use it for my first line today!

PhD was not supposed to smell like this.

Rachel said...

Sometimes we just need more than one line haha!

Rachel said...

It was gorgeous! Oooh Yay that makes me want to shout Huzzah!

Rachel said...

Ahhh this is on my list to read SOON!!!

Rachel said...

Ahhhh I simply must read this one SOON!!!!

Sydney Anderson said...

Love this book and series. Not going to lie. I am a little jealous you got to visit the mansion!!! ;)

The old-time car horn a-oogaed, and David Harrington slowly reached over to the nightstand for his cell phone.
~The Triple Date Dare by Lauraine Henderson

Andie said...

Tamara Alexander is a favorite! My first line comes from A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Raey.
Piccolo. The restaurant matched it's name - - a tiny and delicate white stucco building with a short, neat brick walk leading from its front door to the parking lot.

Rachel said...

I am so glad you got to go to Belle Meade with us! SO much fun!

Rachel said...

Eeee! I want to read this one!!!

Sarah said...

My First Line is from Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Mother Queen by Desmond Seward:

"When Eleanor of Aquitaine died in 1204 her long career had been the most colorful and the stormiest of any English queen consort before or since."

Love the photos at the mansions, they're beautiful!