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Why Novellas? (And what are these short stories all about?)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Part of the Love at First
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Three years ago (before I got into blogging) if you mentioned a novella to me, I probably would have given you a funny face.  Even in my avid reading days in high school...I don't remember "Novellas" really being a thing...MAYBE I AM JUST CRAZY (shhhh we already know I am).

My sister and I got our mom a Kindle last summer and I pre-ordered a couple of novellas for her and it was no surprise that after reading one, she responded with, "It was so much shorter than I thought it was going to be." (Maybe not in those exact words...but you get the idea.)

I then went on to explain what novellas are and why I love reading them. And it dawned on me...There must be others who do not know these things about Novellas....or that they ARE worth reading! So I hope this helps! ANd a HUGE thanks to Reading is my SuperPower and Faithfully Bookish for helping me brainstorm!

There are two MAIN type of novellas. 
1.) Short stories that act as a prequel or as an "inbetweener" in a series. All written by the same author. 
2.) The Novella Collection. I have found that most of these collections can be found by Barbour Inc. But there are other publishing houses that have printed these.  These contain anywhere from 4-8 or more...short stories written by several different authors.
Now, let's take a little closer look at just WHAT these short stories can offer YOU and why you should READ THEM!!!

MOST of the time the prequels or "inbetweener" novellas are FREE! Even if you DO have to pay for them, it is usually only $0.99 - $1.99. Typically these novellas are ONLY in eBook form unless they end up as part of a collection...Or self published like Meghan Gorecki's. These mini books ase SHORT! Landing somewhere between 50 - 100 pages it is super easy to squeeze it in between other reads. These stories contain so much background for the series and gives you WAY more than a prologue could. Reading a novella is also a good way to "test" a new-to-you (or just plain new) author's style before committing to the book/series. 

Follow the links below to discover the FREE novellas published by these authors. 

These can be so addicting! Usually the novellas in a collection all have a similar setting or theme or time period. Or all of the above. Like the Mountain Christmas Brides Collection from Barbour Publishing. All set in 1800s, mountains, christmas. The Knight's Bride from Barbour is another one. All medieval time period and all regarding knights and damsels falling in love. You usually have to purchase these collections. But they are so much fun! it is a nice break to keep a few novellas on file to "cleanse the palate" between books.

Find out more about some of my favorites by following the links below!

And there you have it! Are novellas worth it to me? YES! What about YOU? Do you enjoy novellas?


  1. Novella LOVE! Yes to stories of all shapes and sizes #allthebooks

  2. I really like novellas, especially the ones that are a prequel or in between other novels that I can get for free, . I also like the collections. I use novellas when I am trying to catch up on my reading challenges( I'm 5 books behind on one challenge now)! They add something to a series I've already started, or as you say , try out a new author! Gotta go finish the novella I'm partway through now!

  3. Yes, I love novellas! I didn't know what they were for a while.... then they became more popular, and YES! You've mentioned some of my favorites: Rachel McMillan's, The Message in a Bottle Collection, With This Ring?, etc! AND Second Impressions :)

    Another favorite is Joanne Bischof's This Quiet Sky. Oh, and Susan May Warren's occasional series prequel/intermediate novellas.


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