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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Carol Award and two-time Christy Award-finalist, Joanne Bischof writes deeply layered fiction that tugs at the reader’s heartstrings. She was honored to receive the SDCWG Novel of the Year Award in 2014 and in 2015 was named Author of the Year by the Mount Hermon Writer’s conference. Her 2014 novella This Quiet Sky broke precedent as the first self-released title to final for the Christy Awards. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband and their three children.

You can read more about Joanne's books on her website HERE.

Historical Fiction
The Cadence of Grace Series

Stand Alone Novels

Novella Collections

Contemporary Young Adult Fiction

I confess that to date, I have only read ONE of Joanne's books. I know, I know...BUT...It was The Lady and the Lionheart (you can read my review HERE). And unfortunately, it took me way too long to get around to reading it. If you have not read it yet...You can get the Kindle edition for $1.99 on Amazon (Please make sure to double check the price before purchasing)! 
The Lady and the Lionheart is a very unique story in itself. But when you add the level of passion, romance, and redemption that Joanne did, it takes the story to  whole new category. This book moved me to tears on more than one occasion and made me want to crawl inside the book and just live there. The dynamics of the several different relationships is so incredible to behold. Family and love in its truest sense is revealed in ways that will baffle you. I can't even think about this book without being moved to tears. I can FEEL the emotions and the depth even now...7 months after reading it. Joanne's gift for story is clearly evident and I am so excited to see what else she has in store.

The Lady and the Lionheart

A tree of a man nearly crashed into her. Every stormy, trench-coated pound of him. A yelp lodged in her throat, then Ella swung to a halt at the sight of a baby in his arms. Sheer surprise had her dropping the bound linens, and he gripped the handrail, steadying himself. His wild brown hair stood on end as if tugged by a thousand worries. “I need a doctor,” he panted, using a ledge to climb around her mess with a balance that defied logic—and when he silently landed much too close on the other side, decorum. Her senses were struck with the scent of coal smoke and… Caramel? Ella made to step back, but there was nowhere to go. It mattered not when she looked once again to who he held. Bundled in a snow-dusted blanket, the baby glistened with sweat and perhaps tears. She reached for the babe, but he tightened his grip. “A doctor!” Pale green eyes glittered fiercely. Stunned to silence, Ella had to work to find her voice. “Uh…follow me.” She shoved the linens aside then hurried up the last few stairs, him beside her. A few more steps and she pushed past the door that led them into the children’s ward. “In here,” she called over her shoulder, then searched for the doctor. “Dr. Penske. I’ve a baby here who seems to be running a fever.” Turning from the boy he was tending, Dr. Penske glanced from the man’s patched coat to the unlaced boots which thundered to a halt beside Ella’s. The stranger’s chest heaved as he swallowed a breath. “Seems to be?” Dr. Penske’s tone was as dismissive as his gaze. “I—I haven’t examined the child,” she said. The doctor glanced around the children’s ward where two other nurses bustled with tasks. Using the back of his hand, he swiped a lock of hair from his forehead. “Well, why don’t you get to it?” Me? She was only given the most mundane tasks from emptying chamber pots to changing linens. Hopefully the stranger didn’t sense that. “Please lay her here.” Ella moved to an open crib bed and lowered one side down. “I’ll check her temperature.” The man eyed her warily but did as she asked. Ella’s fingers were suddenly unsteady as she adjusted the pillow beneath the tiny, blonde head. She’d never been assigned a patient before. Not once on her own. But she’d read the nursing encyclopedia forward and back and watched the nurses day in and day out. Besides, she was the oldest of five brothers and sisters. Ella forced herself to remain calm. When it came to fevers, she knew what to do. A check of the girl’s pulse said it was just over one hundred and twenty beats per minute. Ella unbundled her down to a wrinkled dress and sweater, then cast the blanket to the foot of the bed. “The child’s name?” After lowering the other side of the crib, the man knelt there. “Holland.” (used with permission)

I have collaborated with all of these authors and I am so excited for this giveaway! I am giving away a box of FIVE books...All signed (one signed bookplate sticker) by the authors! I will also be including some bookish/reading items in the box of books, bookmarks, tea, chocolate, etc. Each "Blogiversary" post will have MORE options to enter to win, so make sure you check back. Today we are kicking it off pretty easy! Please enter via the Rafflecopter form below. If you are having difficulties please email me and we will get your name entered.

Joanne's Book Included in the Giveaway is a SIGNED copy  of The Lady and the Lionheart.

**ONE (1) Winner will be selected by Rafflecopter at the end of the giveaway**
Books provided for giveaway by the individual authors and myself. Books included: Just the Way You Are, The Lady and the Lionheart, The Illusionist's Apprentice, Newton & Polly, Behind the Scenes. I am not compensated for any portion of this giveaway. Some of the books were donated for the giveaway. Giveaway will run 8/1/17 - 9/1/17 at 12:00am PDT. Open internationally. Void where prohibited. Please see Policies and Disclosures for more information. *Bookish swag items subject to change*

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