Top Ten Tuesday - Books That I Refuse to Let My Kids Touch

Monday, May 20, 2019

This week's topic on That Artsy Reader Girl is Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch (submitted by Savannah Grace @ Scattered Scribblings). I'm taking a little spin on it by talking about specific books that I do NOT let my children touch. While they know they aren't supposed to mess with my books, here are a few that I purposefully keep out of their reach.

Please understand...This is NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK! The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle may look innocent...But it is NOT! It is "clean"...there is just a bit of violence. The brother of one of my dearest friends did the illustrations in this. And sometimes, I don't know if that makes me proud....or disturbed....

My parents know me so well. They got me Doctor Who: The Complete Visual Collection a couple Christmases ago. When I went to put it away...It found its way to my Nonfiction shelf...Don't you tell me The Doctor doesn't exist!

My love of history has been life-long. My sister got this World War II Day by Day book for me in 2007. It is interesting to see how events and all that line up across the course of the war. 

Ok...I'm also slightly obsessed with The Beatles. The Beatles - The BBC Archives is a fun collection of copies of letters, lyrics, notes, and so.much.history. This stays well away from the children, for sure!
I recently ordered this book from Usborne. Where's Jane? is a search/hidden object/eye spy type of book. All placed in the settings that you could find in Regency England. 

I have several OLD books, ok, more than several. It's another obsession, I admit it. But I have some really cool titles. One of my favorites is a copy of Treasure Island. Published in 1906. Needless to say, the kids are not allowed anywhere near these old ones. 
There are quite a few copies of Peter Pan on my bookshelf. And the kids are not allowed to touch ANY of them. They do have a copy of their own. And I do read them the story...
This particular edition of Pride & Prejudice is SO beautiful. Filled with recipes and artwork and color! I'm terrified to make any of the recipes, for fear of getting it dirty. Maybe what I'll do is make a photocopy of the recipe first. LOL!
Several years ago I discovered Martha Finley's Millie Keith, A Life of Faith series, at our local library. I was a young girl and didn't realize that the original books had been published years before. In a box of old books my Granny sent, there was a copy of Mildred's Boys and Girls...And it took me walking by it on my shelf for months before I made the connection! I laughed so hard when I realized that it was an ORIGINAL copy of this series that I loved so much!
There is such a thrill that runs through me when I hold William Shakespeare's works in my hands. So many brilliant words all in one place. I admit I haven't read all of them. I have read a few though! And did you know we owe so many of our common phrases to Shakespeare? Like, "In a pickle". Oh yes...Thank you Will!
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