The Secret of Pembrooke Park – Julie Klassen

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mystery, murder, treasure and romance. All of which can be found in Julie Klassen’s most recent book, The Secret of Pembrooke Park. This book will have you turning pages until the wee hours of morning.

England, 1817, Abigail Foster and her family are in the midst of a financial crisis that could ruin them forever, when an offer to let Pembrooke Park is brought before them. The house has been vacant for almost 20 years, and there is a lot of clean up needed before they can move in, but the terms seem too good to be true. This is just the opportunity the Foster’s need so they can begin to rebuild their lives. Abigail and her father travel to the village of Caldwell to begin fixing up the property. It is not long before whispers and rumors make it to Abigail’s ears regarding the previous inhabitants. Whispers of treasure and murder and ghosts. What happened here so many years ago? Will Abigail be able to uncover the truth? Clues are found and mysterious letters are sent to Abigail from what appears to be someone who lived at Pembrooke Park. Does the miniature doll’s house hold the key to where the treasure was hidden? Abigail befriends the previous steward’s
daughter, Leah Chapman, who has her own mysteries of the past that she is concealing. William Chapman, Leah’s sister and the local pastor, seems to become interested in Abigail, but will Miss Foster’s sister, Louisa sweep him off his feet as she does to every man she meets? And Mr. Chapman is not the only man that has taken an interest in Abigail. Truth, faith and love are the primary factors guiding our players. “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt.”

I have not enjoyed a book so much as I enjoyed reading The Secret of Pembrooke Park. I stayed up late many a night reading when I should have been sleeping. Most definitely a page turner if I ever read one. I cannot praise Mrs. Klassen enough for her fine works. The historical accuracy, the depth, the feeling. Creative liberties are used in regards to classes intermingling, but that’s what makes her books so intriguing. The suspense and mystery was mild (compared to the thrillers my husband reads), but it was enough to make my head turn at the sounds of my own house creaking in the night. I am looking forward to her next release. I told my husband that I want the rest of Julie Klassen’s books for Christmas this year!

As a part of their blogger review program, I received a free copy of The Secret of Pembrooke Park from Bethany House Publishers. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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