Born of Persuasion – Price of Privilege Trilogy Book 1 – Jessica Dotta

Saturday, January 3, 2015

 Our leading lady, Julia Elliston, is the daughter of the famed Atheist William Elliston. She is young and naïve, her mother tried to protect her and shield her from the world outside. She has much to learn about the world and is in a delicate emotional state. Her entire life has begun to crumble, starting with the death of her mother. She soon learns that everything she thought she knew is a lie. How did her mother die exactly? And who is this mysterious guardian who wishes to remain anonymous? Her childhood sweetheart has betrayed her, yet is there hope for reconciliation? As we follow Julia’s journey of discovery we encounter a few other key players. Edward and Henry Auburn, brothers who fell in love with Julia and her best friend Elizabeth Windham as children. They made plans of their future together and were secretly betrothed. But now, all their hopes and dreams are threatened. Elizabeth’s mother, Mrs. Windham has taken it upon herself to find a husband for “poor Julia”. Lady Foxworth is intent upon playing matchmaker as well. Little does Julia know the vast change in life that could take place if she concedes to marry Mr. Macy. A man with extraordinary wealth that has promised to care for and protect Julia. But can he be trusted? When laws cannot protect Julia, will her life come to ruin? And will she take a step of faith towards the only One who remains constant in an ever changing world?

  To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to think of this book most of the time I was reading it. Now that I have finished I will say that while I wasn’t 100% impressed with particulars of the
content, it was a very well written book. I love the descriptive way Jessica Dotta drew me into the story. So much so, that I could imagine standing in the room with Julia. The language and style is one of my favorites for reading. The entire book is narrated by Julia who is looking back on her life much later, after the events have taken place. She hints at other mysteries in the story, but doesn’t give away too much. I was not impressed with the scenes between Mr. Macy and Julia where he was supposedly “courting” her. Although Julia remains a maiden by the end of the book, she allowed Macy’s advancements premature. It made me feel uncomfortable. Other than that, I really did enjoy Born of Persuasion. I am starting the second book Mark of Distinction, today. 

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