Until the Dawn - Elizabeth Camden

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mystery surrounds the great estate of Dierenpark. Will science be able to explain the strange happenings? Or is there a supernatural power at work?

Quentin Vandermark is of the belief that if you can't see it or touch it, then it doesn't exist. This includes God and the supernatural power his grandfather, Nickolaas Vandermark, believes is cursing Dierenpark. A tragedy occured 60 years ago and the Vandermark's left Dierenpark abandoned ever since. The family returns without notice, only to see it destroyed. Nickolaas is determined to tear down Dierenpark in hopes of demolishing the "curse" that seems to have haunted the family for centuries. Widowed and injured, Quentin brings his son Pieter with him to Dierenpark to tear down the beautiful home. He is just doing his grandfather's bidding when his life is drastically changed. At Dierenpark he meets Sophie van Riijn, Sophie is a volunteer for the newly established Weather Bureau. For the last nine years she has used the roof of Dierenpark for her weather station, without the permission of the owners. Pieter immediately takes to Sophie, not having a mother of his own, he craves a motherly figure. While Quentin is all cynicism, doubt, gloom and depression. Sophie exudes life, hope, joy and faith in every ounce of her being. The past is finally brought to light, but is it in time to save Dierenpark and Quentin? Will science be able to prove the strange goings on? Will Quentin open himself up to love? Or will he brood in his misery until his last breath? 

"Above all else, love one another."

The progressive era is a fascinating time period to read. So many scientific advances and discoveries take place in this era. I am currently watching Murdoch Mysteries (Netflix). It is set in the same time as this book and the scientific progress that is witnessed is
incredible! Until the Dawn is a story of good and evil, life and death, hope and despair. With our main characters so completely different it is very clear to see how our beliefs affect every aspect of our lives. The main theme throughout this story is love. Through the good times and difficulties, God has called us to love one another. I have heard that this story has been compared to Jane Eyre and I do see similarities. Quentin is a horrid, miserable man and Sophie longs to see him saved. I won't expand anymore because of spoilers, but if you are a fan of Jane Eyre, I believe you will enjoy this recent publication by Elizabeth Camden.

I received a free digital copy of Until the Dawn from Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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