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First Line Fridays - Week Eight

Friday, June 17, 2016

We have added to our troops of First Line Fridays! Singing Librarian has joined in our Friday Fun! A huge "Thank you" to Carrie from Reading is my SuperPower for coming up with this idea. Simply brilliant! If you would like to host First Line Fridays on your blog, send Carrie an email.

Ezra and myself in the waiting room.

Last week I shared a little bit about our son's bone marrow transplant and upcoming two-year post transplant appointments. I am VERY happy to report that everything went smoothly! Everyone was thrilled with his progress. We have a few lab tests that are pending, and if they look good we will begin immunizations! Yay! He is on minimal medications and growing and progressing like crazy! It was a long week, but we had a great time visiting with family and friends along the way. Thank you all for your prayers and support! If you are curious to learn a little more about Ezra's journey, my favorite article can be found HERE

Now...On to First Line Friday...Since we are celebrating Ezra's TWO year post transplant...I thought we could share the First Line from CHAPTER TWO! I decided to let my hubby pick up the closest book to HIM this week and he grabbed "As You Like It"(My house is FULL of old books). This one is very special to me though. I found this particular copy at a yard sale with my dad YEARS ago...and so began my love of Shakespeare. The copyright is 1903 and it is pretty beat up, but one of my most treasured books.

Since there are no actual "Chapters" in this book, I went with Act I, Scene II.

"I pray thee, Rosalind, sweet my coz, be merry."

In case you are curious about the name "Shakspere" you can learn more HERE.
I saw the movie As You LIke It  a few years ago and fell in love! It is the 2006 version, learn more at IMDb.

Now, how about you? What is the first line from chapter two...or scene two...From the book nearest to YOU? 

Make sure you jump over to Reading is my SuperPower and Singing Librarian as well to join in the discussion on their blogs!


  1. "When she got off the ferry at Hope Beach, Hope Island's only town, Heather felt as though she'd stepped into another land." From Rosemary Cottageby Colleen Coble. Thankful your son is doing so well!

    1. I NEED to read Colleen's books! I keep hearing about them! Thank you so much Becky! :)

  2. "Clyde pulled into a parking spot in from of Dixie's Diner, turned off his headlights, and swung open the door of his old sedan."
    ~Jilted by Varina Denman

  3. "Pretty as a peach," drawled a deep voice above the burble of the creek. - Gilding the Waters by Catherine Richmond.

    1. I have not heard of this one yet! Thanks for sharing Caryl!

  4. the name spelling thing is so interesting! As I am related to Shakespeare (1st cousins, 14x removed... but who's counting lol), I am particularly intrigued. And the family line that we're related through - the Rives - spelled their surname all kinds of different ways over the years. Which makes family history hunting so fun. lol.

    Anywho... you probably didn't want to know all of that :-D

    Celebrating with you over the great appointment!

    The first line of Chapter 2 from A Promise in Defiance is "Both Logan and his horse, Flint, warily eyed the busy street of Defiance."

    Fun twist today - love it!

    1. I forgot you are related! I am so jealous! I am a descendant of the Chiefs family of our tribe...that's about as interesting as it gets haha! That I am aware of...We have adoptions and such in our I have conspiracy theories of my bloodline...Hehe! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy to read that Ezra had good results on his tests. God Bless
    Marion and Family


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