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First Line Fridays - 1/6/17 - The Choosing

Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome to a new year!!! I am so excited about the books I have on my list to read this year! If you are curious about which books those are, you can check out my list HERE. Some are new releases, and some are books that I have been longing to read for quite a while now. My reading challenge through Goodreads is set for 52 books this year. I made it to 78 in 2016. We shall see how far I get this year. I just posted my top Fiction reads of 2016. If you missed that, you can check those out HERE.

I was not expecting to get any books for Christmas this year...But I did! 

And I have CHOSEN one of these books for my First Line today!

"Carrington felt as though she'd collided with a moving train."

Post your first line below and head over to see what First Lines my lovely friends have today!

Today marks the official INTERNATIONAL status of First Line Fridays! Katie has decided to join this wonderful group of bookish, OCD (or CDO), reading fanatics!

Beth Erin - Faithfully Bookish
Katie - Fiction Aficionado 
Andi - Radiant Light

If you would like to host First Line Fridays on your blog, contact Carrie on Reading is my SuperPower.


  1. Yay! So glad I can bring some international flavour to this wonderful group of book lovers. We CDOs have to stick together! :-D

    My first line today is from The Scarlet Coat, by Angela K Couch:

    "The last rays of sun faded into twilight, and the wind whispered through the trees, as if warning Rachel to turn back."

    Hope you enjoy The Choosing. I'm looking forward to the final book in the series coming out later this month!

    1. I critique with Angela, you'll be in for a treat!

    2. Oooh that sounds good! I can't wait to start it!

  2. My first line is from Surround Me: Revolutionary Faith by Marguerite Martin Gray:

    Atlantic Ocean
    May 1773

    "His hands tightly gripped the railing, turning his knuckles a startling white compared to his wind-chapped tanned skin."

    Happy reading and happy Friday!

  3. No one knows what books to get me (although I'd tell them if they'd just ask! lol) but I did get some lovely candles to enjoy while reading (plus a whole gob of giveaway reads) so I'm super thankful!
    Today I'm going to catch up on blogging and reviewing, then treat myself with A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz!
    April 1777
    What cannot be cured must be endured.

  4. I bought this Rachel Dekker book for one of my great nieces. I hope to hear back from you that it's good :) I'm reading one of the books y'all have recommended. Can't remember who? "We only see what we want to see--in people, in love, in life." The Ringmaster's Wife.

    1. I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!! It was on my top reads list!

  5. Hi Rachel!
    My first line comes from Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green

    Paris, France 1719

    There it was again. Suddenly wide awake, Julianne covered her ears.

  6. My paragraph this week is from Tracy Borman's amazing and wonderful new book, The Private Lives of the Tudors.

    " 'I do not live in a corner. A thousand eyes see all I do.' This telling lament by Elizabeth I begs the question: did the Tudors have a private life at all? As monarchs, they were constantly surrounded by an army of attendants, courtiers, ministers, and place-seekers. Even in their most private moments, they were accompanied by a servant specifically appointed for the task."

    Happy Reading, Rachel!!

    1. Oooooh this one sounds super good! I am currently reading through Mary Queen of Scots book.

  7. I am hoping I can get to it before too long Carrie!


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