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First Line Fridays - 3/3/17 - Long Time Gone

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Friday!!!

Featured today is a book that I JUST received in the mail and EEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am SO excited to start reading. I had the very supreme honor of meeting Mary Connealy in Nashville last year at Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. Watching Mary and Ruth Logan Herne banter back and forth during one of the sessions was immensely entertaining!

Long Time Gone is the second book in her new series, The Cimarron Legacy. 

Skull Gulch, New Mexico Territory
November 1880
Abandoning his sister to save his brother, Justin Boden felt as gutshot as Cole.

It is SO hard for me to NOT keep reading at this point. But it is done the list just a couple books. I can't wait! 

Now it's your turn! Post your first line below and blog hop and join in more First Line fun!

Andi - Radiant Light

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  1. "Let's start with the end of the world, why don't we? Get it over with and move on to more interesting things."
    The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin.

    That's such an intriguing start! I am looking forward to starting this soon. :)


  2. Anna's Crossing
    by Suzanne Woods Fisher

    And the fist line is...

    April 15th, 1737

    "It's a hard crossing, they'd been warned. Eight weeks in a wooden tub with no guarantee they'd ever get there."

    Happy reading and happy Friday!

  3. Anna's crossing sounds really good! I want to know where they are going and if they get there. Nice hook :)

  4. My first line is: "Preston Tyler lowered his feet from the deck railing & leaned forward as his gaze followed the Jeep pulling up next to the Fontaines' cabin across the lake." From Presumed Dead by Angela Ruth Strong

  5. I love Mary Connealy's books!

    Here's mine:

    For Love or Loyalty by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

    "A feeling of foreboding crawled over Malcolm MacGregor like a colony of insects picking at his skin."

  6. Love Mary Conneally! First line : She'd never get through this final set. Colleen Coble Because You're Mine

  7. Mary Connealy is on my list to read someday. :) I don't think I could stop at just the first line...maybe page even. ;) Nice and gripping.

  8. Interesting line, abandoning one to save the other...can't imagine that would make family reunions too comfortable! Jokes aside, interesting line - Happy Friday!

  9. Looking forward to reading Mary's book!
    Elyse McCord guided her Jeep down the gravel road for another slow pass.
    Christine Lynxwiler's Cowgirl at Heart.
    I'm reading this for my local book club.

  10. I'm hopeless at stopping after the first line. Better not to open the book at all!

    I just finished The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy Cambron. Amaaaaaaazing! You all should read it!

    "Agent Elliot Matthews stared down a firing squad."

  11. For real! How am I going to NOT go grab that book right now??? Ack! #bookblogprobs


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