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Top Ten Tuesday - My Favorite Jen Turano Names

Monday, May 21, 2018

Today's topic for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is all about our favorite names! As I was compiling my list, I realised that MOST of my favorite names are from Jen Turano's books...So I turned this post into a Jen Turano feature. ALL of her names are amazing! Fun and creative!

Amy Green from Bethany House Publishing created the AMAZING graphic at the end of this post to discover what your "Jen Turano Character Name" is...Leave a comment with YOUR name!

Leave a comment with YOUR Jen Turano Character Name and head over to Jen Turano's Facebook Page to comment with your name there!

My Jen Turano Name is....Ada Calloway! The husband's name is...Hamlet Abernathy! 😍


  1. I really like the name Theadore and Ada is really pretty too!! Also, Oliver is a favorite (WHY didn't I use this name on my list!? Next time I guess..) though I suspect the primary reason I like Oliver is because of Oliver from the TV show Arrow. :D

  2. I have adored every one of Jen's books! I have Permilia, Asher, Wilhelimina and Edgar in my list too. Fun post! My Jen Turano name is Marigold Davenport.

  3. Great post! My name is Anastasia Abernathy. Very classy and alliterative!

  4. My Jen Turano Name is Clarabelle Mayhew and my husband's would be Augustine Holliingsworth.

  5. I still LOVE Millie and favorite of hers.

  6. Love the names that Jen comes up with in her books! :) If I had done my Top Ten Post (oops lol), it would have had mostly her characters!

    1. Right? Which is why I decided it'd be easier if I just did all hers hehe!

  7. I highlighted some of Jen's character names today too. My Jen Turano name is Anastasia Willoughby.

  8. Jen always has great names in her books!!
    If I were to get a “Jen name” it would be Tabitha Covington

  9. My Jen Turano name is Adeline Pennington and my husband is Maximillian Fitzgerald!

  10. I think her names perfectly suit her characters and really add to them. My name would be Anastasia Calloway. I could definitely go for that. Much more class.

  11. Miss Clarabelle Davenport. Part of the fun of Jen's books is the names!

  12. Iris and Jasper Abernathy. I need to get busy reading Jen's books! :)

    Thanks for the fun post!

  13. Minevis Theodosia Abernathy. Jen writes some great books!

  14. How cool - Miss Ada Lockwood for me :)
    What a fun post!

  15. Claribelle Aberbnathy. I could live with that! SO fun!

  16. Ada Bellamy here, and i do so love Jen's character names!!!

  17. Mine is Miss Adeline Davenport - sounds a little snobby ;)
    Jen Turano is my absolute #1 favorite author. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  18. I LOVE this post! I'm not sure how I missed it, must have been a dr appointment day. I adore Jen's books more than I can describe.
    I am Marigold and my husband is Maximillian.


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