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First Line Friday - The Orphan's Wish

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Happy Friday!

Melanie Dickerson is the QUEEN of fairy tale retellings! If you love fairy tales, you need to check out Melanie's books! She is fabulous! So.Many.Stories!!!!

Today’s first line is from...

The Orphan's Wish
Melanie Dickerson

Summer 1404
The Holy Land
Ala ad'din's mother's eyes were closed as she lay on her funeral bier.

What is your favorite Fair Tale Retelling?

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  1. Happy Friday!😎

    My First Lines come from If Ever I Would Leave You by Susan May Warren.......

    “Watching you die is the last thing I want to do on a Saturday morning.” Sierra said it in a low mutter, nearly under her breath, but Ian heard it anyway, a slash across his chest, right between the ribs.

    Have a great weekend, stay cool, and Happy Reading!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ“š

  2. Happy Friday, Rachel!

    My first line comes from Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King....

    "It's a rock, Holmes"

  3. My FLF quote is from Ann Gabhart’s newest book: River to Redemption.

    June 1833
    Adria Starr didn’t want her mother and little brother to stop breathing the way her father had. She wanted to take care of them. She was seven.

    Happy weekend reading!

  4. Every time I see this cover, it reminds me of Merida's fancy dress her Mom made her wear in Brave when the clans came to compete to see who would wed Merida. In fact, I am pretty sure it is allllllmost the exact same dress.

  5. I cannot wait to read this so much. I'm curious to see what she does with the Aladdin retelling. :D

    I’m sharing about “Trials of the Mighty” by Kenyon T. Henry on the blog today, but I’m currently reading “Unafraid” by Carey Scott. I’ll share the first line of chapter two.

    Authentic living. What does it even mean?

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!

  6. I'm currently reading Unhinged by Amanda Deed, which is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I think that's my favourite fairy tale because Belle loves books (which obviously makes her the best fairy tale heroine).

    I’m sharing from Open Circle by Stacy Monson on my blog.

    But Then There Was You by Kara Issac has just won the 2018 RITA Award for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements from Romance Writers of America, so I'm going to share the first line to celebrate.

    Here’s the first line:

    Paige McAlister didn’t think think it was possible, but there was something worse than being single and thirty at your nineteen-year-old sister’s wedding.

  7. Happy Friday! I’m sharing from A Rebel Heart by Beth White on my blog today, here’s the first line of Chapter 2:

    “Spyglass pressed to his good eye, Daughtry crouched behind a tree at the edge of the creek running through Buckner’s Ravine.”

  8. Happy weekend!

    My first line comes from a hilarious novella I just finished, part of the Once Upon a Laugh collection releasing next week! “Lia ran through the prestigious 148-year-old halls, red ponytail flying behind her.” -If She Dares by Mikal Dawn


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