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Friday, December 28, 2018

How is it the END of 2018 already? So much has happened this year that it seems impossible that it is already over. Being that I haven't featured ALL of the books I read this year here on the blog...I figured I had better make you a list so that you can go read some of these incredible stories!

This year TWO new adventures began for me. 

1. I started working for Roseanna White. I have had so much fun brainstorming, bantering, and working alongside her, albeit, virtually. She is such an incredible person (and boss). 

2. Along with Reading is my SuperPower, Just Commonly, and Faithfully Bookish, we launched a magazine! Eeeep! Check out for more info. (Use the code BOOKISH when you subscribe for a special discount.)

Now, let us discover some amazing reads. This year was an INCREDIBLE year for books. SO many good ones. Click the cover images to find out more about each of these books and why I love them so much!

Pepper Basham
I am almost in my third year working for the amazing Pepper Basham! I hope you have checked out her latest books...because they are amazing!!!! And Pepper's books will always be on my "Forever Favorite" shelf. 

Roseanna White
Roseanna's books have long been favorites of mine. And the two books she published this year are no exception. Have you read these yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

The Six Star Rating
If you are unfamiliar with my rating system, you can check it out HERE. Here are the two books that earned a 6 star rating this year. Drop what you are doing and go read them, now! But not're heart will never forgive you...

Hope by the Book Reviews
A few of this year's top reads I reviewed for Hope by the Book. To find out more, check out my reviews over on the magazine website.

Reviewed for Winter 2018 Issue

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All the Books...
I know that I can be generous with my 5 stars...But I am also super picky about which books I read. I know my own tastes and tend to stick to them. Yes, I venture out into new genres and authors...but let's face it, I just have good  taste 😜

Books Without Reviews...
I discovered an AMAZING website called SCRIBD this year. It's like Netflix for books! Through this (and because we spent a lot of time remodeling our home this year) I listened to a lot of audiobooks this year. I was also a slacker and didn't review all the book I read this year on the blog. So here are a few of my top reads that I haven't reviewed yet.

Curious to see what other books I read this year? You can check them out on my Goodreads Challenge HERE.

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