Top Ten Tuesdays - Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019

Unfortunately, I am woefully behind my reading goal this year. I set it at 100 books...and according to Goodreads (which may not be accurate, I have forgotten to log all the books) I'm only at *ahem* 15...ya...for the whole of 2019 so far. I am hoping to catch up this summer with reading since I am not homeschooling. And this fall, my youngest will be attending kindergarten and I will continue homeschooling my oldest. So that will change a lot of dynamics around here. Be that as it may, I just simply have so many plates spinning that I haven't been able to keep up with reading. But that's OK...It just means I am a little more choosy on the books I pick up these days. And then my TBR pile threatens to squash me....

That Artsy Reader Girl has designated today for gushing about the book releases I am most anticipating for the rest of this year...I can't wait to get my hands on these!
I have been absolutely blown away by Connilyn's books! Her books have really helped me see the settings and stories of the Bible come to life. 
It's no secret that Jen is one of my favorite authors. She is on my instabuy list. I don't read the descriptions, I just dive in and devour each story. They make me laugh and fall in love with the settings and characters. LOVE THEM!!!
Can I just say, I am SO glad publishers are finally putting the heroes on the covers. I mean...goodness! Look at that jawline...haha!
Ahhhh! Mary has a new series coming out! Mary Connealy is such a fabulous author and woman. I have had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times now and she is just so incredible! And her books are equally so.
I LOVE retellings, YA, fantasy, and Sara Ella...I have been longing for this story ever since I got wind of it! Eeeep!
Ahhhh everything about this cover, story, has got me so excited. I can't wait to read it.
Julie Klassen is one of the first authors that got me back into reading. And her stories are so good!!! Regency, romance, yes please!
Oh my goodness! Joanna's books can't come fast enough for me. Mystery, secrets, danger, romance, I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY HANDS!!!! Look at that cover...just...SO beautiful!! I'm in love already!
Ok y'all...if you like regency, you NEED to read Kristi Ann Hunter. A fabulous person. A beautiful author. And all her stories have faith, unique characters, and intrigue!
I do not ready "creepy" stories very often...But Jaime's are on my instaread list. The second they are in my hands, I read till I'm done. Death, stories, mystery, lies, secrets, and all things creepy...yup...I'm hooked.

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