Top Ten Tuesdays - My Bookish Quirks

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Today's topic on That Artsy Reader Girl's site was, Unpopular Bookish Opinions (submitted by Kaitlin Galvan @ Somehow I Manage Blog)...I really couldn't think of what to list, so I went rogue and am instead listing 10 of my bookish quirks...

I don't read blurbs. Ever. Even after I read the book. I really don't like going into a book with any preconceived ideas. 

I almost ALWAYS have music playing while I read. Mostly instrumental...or music not in English. Haha! It helps me focus better.

I need a beverage while I read, water, coffee, lotus, etc. Although it requires more potty breaks...I need to sip and read.

I will binge read any YA series. If I start a YA series that has all the books released, I will have the whole series read before you know it.

I can go back and forth between the ebook, audio, and print for the same book if need be. Especially if I'm super engrossed in the book but I need to ride in a car or you know, do dishes. 

I feel guilty if I don't leave a review for EVERY book I read. (Ya, I'm talking about the ones I'm not an influencer for.) But there are a few times that I haven't...eeeep.

I fidget when I read. I'll play with my hair, twist my ring, play with a fidget spinner, pick at threads...ya I'm weird...

I LOVE snacking while I read (my waistline could have told you that though). Popcorn, skittles, cheez-its, are among my favorite. Anything I can eat 1 handed. But I need to switch to cucumbers, know HEALTHY snacks...

I taught myself how to french braid my hair while reading...(see #7)...Turns out, my hang up, was looking in a mirror. 

If a book really touches me, I have a really hard time immediately jumping into a new book. I like to let it marinade and linger. And sometimes that results in not picking up a new book for a day or more.

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