Top Ten Tuesday - Settings I’d Like to See More Of

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, today's topic is settings! And I am so excited to chat about some of my favorite settings!

There are always settings that I think would be fun to explore through fiction...But I'm beginning to see a wider variety of settings in recent years...

I have long wanted to see more stories set in the Pacific Northwest and with Jody Hedlund's new series we get to do that! Tracie Peterson also has several stories set in the PNW and her upcoming series is in the Willamette Valley!!! I'm so excited!!!! are some other settings I'd like more of...

Can you give me a recommendation for a good Historical Fiction set in Australia??? I would love to see more stories set here. Especially Historical Fiction (Christian).

Here is another setting that I haven't seen much of. What are your thoughts?

Christian Fiction YA in Space - Ok, NOT Amish Vampires from Space (yes that's a real can find it here)...but I really would like to see more Sci-Fi in Christian YA books. The Lunar Chronicles and The 100 are a couple faves of mine. And while we seem to have a good base of Fantasy we need more sci-fi.

Between Two Shores was such a fabulous book!!! I am from the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and love love love reading books with Native Americans.
I spent a year in South Africa and had a chance to meet so many incredible people and visit so many amazing places...I want more books set in South Africa! The Cottingley Secret had a character from South Africa, but wasn't quite the same thing lol.

There so many things I want to explore in present day and historical Central America!!! ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Spain...So much history...So much beauty...We need more books that explore this beautiful country! 

Harry Potter Universe...Ok, I know they have the Fantastic Beasts series and I love those...But what I wouldn't give for another book series...Like REAL book series set in the universe.

The Name of the Wind Universe....Because let's face it....BOOK THREE NEEDS TO BE RELEASED!!!!

Cameos in other series by the same author...Ok, I'm not sure this qualifies as a setting...But recently, Roseanna White has had some of her characters from her previous series play a role in another series. And I love seeing the little snippets of the characters. Because the one thing I dislike the most about finishing an amazing series is having to say goodbye to the friends I made. It is so much fun to have them show up unexpectedly in other books!

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