Mark of Distinction – Price of Privilege Trilogy Book 2 – Jessica Dotta

Thursday, January 8, 2015

  As our story continues, the plot thickens. Finding sanctuary with her father, Lord Pierson, Julia becomes the center of London society. Being one of the wealthiest heiress’ in the country and keeping her past a secret at all costs drains her body, mind and spirit. She no longer knows who she is or what her heart truly longs for. Lord Pierson has plans of matrimony for Julia to Lord Dalry. Macy is still on the loose and is always searching for his “lost wife”. Thoughts of Edward are ever at the forefront of her thoughts. Will Macy expose Julia and Lord Pierson? Will Julia submit to her Father’s decisions regarding her future? When all seems lost will she turn to the One who will never leave us nor forsake us?

  As I proceed with this trilogy I am constantly frustrated with our characters, yet I have been drawn in so much that I must finish! There are a few character inconsistencies in Mark of Distinction regarding Lord Pierson. Nothing major, but enough to make me a tad confused. Yet without it, there would be no story. Julia’s personality is slightly aggravating as well. She is constantly making the worst decisions and then has extreme consequences to face.
Although the beginning of her journey towards God is touching. Lord Dalry is an all around good guy and I like his character a lot! Mr. Forrester’s treatment of Julia made me quite upset. Constantly putting her down, in front of her father and Lord Dalry, and never believing her story. He ends up helping her, but in the worst possible way.

  Although I will probably not read this series again, I am enjoying it and am looking forward to seeing how Jessica Dotta ties up the loose ends in Price of Privilege.

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