The Silent Governess – Julie Klassen

Friday, January 30, 2015

  Olivia Keene has been forced into silence to protect the secrets of the past and the security of the future.

  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time causes events to spin out of control for Olivia. Her life takes a completely different direction than she anticipated. So many secrets, so many mysteries of the past. Edward Bradley is fearful of what the truth will mean for his future. His father, Lord Brightwell, must answer for his past actions. We get to see this story through the eyes of Edward and Olivia. They both struggle with their identity when everything they thought they knew about themselves starts to crumble. Through their journey we discover what it means to find your identity in Christ and how being a child of The King, our future is always certain. 

  One of the things that I enjoy the most about Mrs. Klassen’s work is that she is so talented at bringing scripture and truth into her books. Our leading lady, Olivia Keene, does not have much, if any faith, in the beginning of our story. She suffers loss and heartache, but in the end discovers the truth about the Father, his love and tenderness, and that “All things work together for good”. I love
witnessing the journey of faith and redemption in a very believable way. At first I was slightly taken aback by the fact that the lines between classes become blurred in her books. But the more I read the more I enjoy it. It allows for more imagination. The depth of character in Julie Klassen’s books is astounding. I feel like I know Olivia and Edward on a personal level. That it would not be odd if I were to receive a phone call from Olivia and chat for hours. Julie Klassen has won 3 Christy Awards to date and I sincerely hope that more awards are in the very near future for her.

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