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First Line Fridays - 9/23/16 - Newton & Polly

Friday, September 23, 2016

I am happy to introduce a new co-conspirator in our First Line Friday fun! Please help me welcome Andi from Radiant Light! If you want to join in on spreading First Line cheer, let Carrie know from Reading is my SuperPower

I am so excited that it is OFFICIALLY Autumn!!! This is my favorite time of year! What is YOUR favorite season???

Today's first line comes from Jody Hedlund's new book Newton & Polly. At the moment, I don't have enough words to express the powerful impact that this book had on my heart. I need to remedy that so that I can write my review haha! Which is hopefully published by the time you read this. (Look I did it! You can read the review HERE.)

"I fear that our wassailing has become a nuisance."

I hope you can get your hands on this book. Order it, borrow it...request your public library purchase it, if they haven't already. If you don't read any other book this year...Read this one! 

Now tell me what YOUR first line is? And please join my lovely friends in spreading First Line fun.

And because I made far too many graphics for my review post...


  1. GASP! I can't wait to read Newton and Polly! Welcome Andi!

    This book stems from an extraordinary dream I had in early 1995. - The Final Quest by Rick Joyner


  2. Looks like I'll need a dictionary to fully appreciate that first line... "wassailing"?

    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Late August 1910
    “Temptation sat before her, compelling as the sea.”
    The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M. White

    I'm almost done reading this one and ready to dive into book 2 and 3... I'm sweating here! :D

    1. You "Here we come a wassailing among the leaves so green..and here we come a wandering so fair to be seen. Love and joy come to you and to you your wassail too. And His bless you and send you a happy new year." Haha...caroling but you bring a pot of wassail (similar to cider) to share with the people in exchange for gifts. He he. Oh Roseanna's books are incredible!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! I have this one sitting on my shelf waiting to be read! :D

    My first line:

    Summer 1996
    Heart’s Bend, Tennesee

    The scent of rain laced teh afternoon breeze as it shoved through summer-green trees, ramming ominous black clouds together like a craggy mountain ridge.
    ~The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

  4. ohhhh I love that last graphic - one of my favorite romantical quotes from N&P!!! My first line at the moment is from Mattie's Pledge by Jan Drexler - "Mattie." Yep. LOL. that's the first line ;)

    1. Thank you! There were plenty, but this one just makes you feel his adoration.

  5. That cover is beyond gorgeous! I want to read this one so bad!!

    My first line is from Rachel Hauck's new book A Royal Christmas Wedding that releases on October 18th.
    If she closed her eyes, she could pretend nothing had changed at the Rib Shack since Daddy died.

    1. I love it...such a beautiful book! Thanks for joining us!!!

  6. There were few better pleasures in life, thought Jane Darling, than to sit on the screened side porch on a Saturday morning in June, in the white wicker chair, with her coffee and oatmeal and listen to the day wake up around here. (whew–long first sentence–almost the whole first paragraph too!)
    They Danced On by Carre Armstrong Gardner

  7. The book nearest me just came in my mail. Where She Belongs by Johnnie Alexander. “In an upstairs room as neglected as all the others, AJ Sullivan flicked the grime from a broad fireplace mantel, then rubbed his fingers on his jeans. Mahogany.”

    I love autumn and spring. I love the fall colors, but in spring I love the beautiful colors and new growth! I definitely need to read this book!

  8. I just got Close to You in the Mail! The Pathetic state of Allision Shire's existence was perfectly summed up by the size-twelve prosthetic fee mocking her from the floor of the Mercedes minibus.

    1. Words can not describe how much I love that book!!!

    2. I'm really looking forward to reading it!!


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