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First Line Fridays - Week Twenty - Dance Over Me

Friday, September 9, 2016

Guess WHAT!!! If you have been following First Line Fridays here on Bookworm Mama, you will know that my husband has been building me a reading nook!!! Last week the bookshelves were installed and it took a few days, but all my books are in! And my "Twinkle Lights" are up! It shouldn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to guess where I have been holed up all week....In other news, WA State has decided to skip September all together and go straight into October. It has been cold and windy/rainy...And I LOVE it! 

My first line this week comes from a book I just finished. Dance Over Me is a beautiful story that touched me in a personal way. I am a dancer, have been on stage for dance and theatre, and LOVED the heart of this story. You can read my review HERE...But make sure you post your first **TWO** lines below!

Chapter 1
"Danielle Lefontaine wiped sweaty palms on her short skirt. Auditions always put her off balance."

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  1. "Becky Martin had escaped one bad situation only to find herself in the middle of another. With her heart as heavy as a blacksmith's anvil, she trudged along the planked walkway after her newfound friends in search of a cafe where they could eat their midday meal." From A Home of Her Own by Keli Gwyn. This is the 2nd historical fiction of hers that I have read & I am really enjoying it!

  2. Love your reading nook AND the pic of you four ladies!

  3. I have this one to read early next week too! Yay!

    Here is my first line:

    PhD was not supposed to smell like this.
    ~Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

  4. London 1807

    "You, sir, are a rogue!" Emily Payne scowled into the black marble gaze fixed on hers, determined to win the deadlock of stares. - Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep


  5. That's an awesome reading nook! And I love the pic of y'all!

    "Kacey didn't want to raise eyebrows and alert the entire town to her return. She simply hoped to tame the beast that had roared to life when she spotted the billboard for the Gray Pony Saloon and Grill, off Rt.2, on the outskirts of Mercy Falls." ~ Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren

    1. Ok...well my eyebrows are raised with interest haha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. WA state does have such great cozy reading weather - and what a perfect little nook to curl up in! :D

    I'm hoping to start Sarah Loudin Thomas' Miracle in a Dry Season this weekend, so here is the first line:

    "Casewell's stomach grumbled."

    1. Being on the East side if the state we don't have nearly as much rainy/cloudy weather on a regular basis...but this week has been that way lol! Thanks for sharing!

  7. "They who bear false-witness against the innocent and blameless are rightly condemned. What, though, of they who bear false-witness against those whose histories are not "spotless"?"

    Love & Friendship by Whit Stillman

  8. Okay! Next time I'm in Washington, I'm trying out your reading nook! :)
    I'm reading Candace Calvert's novella, The Recipe (AND btw she's having a contest, check out her facebook page)
    "Lucas Marchal fully expected his grandmother to show no interest in her hospital dinner tray; her appetite had dwindled to almost nothing. But in his wildest dreams he wouldn't have imagined that her dour, no-nonsense nurse's aid would lift the dish cover, scream, then stumble backward and fall to the floor."
    (the first line was sad and lonely, I can't help myself)

    1. You were supposed to do two hahha! And are more than welcome to try it out hehe

  9. Well, I saw this post earlier today and the only book close was my copy of The One Year Bible and of course the first line is "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

    It is still Friday (but not for long) and the nearest book now is The Domino Effect by Davis Bunn. "Esther Larsen hurried along the corridor, racing the clock."

    Hope your day was fantastic and the weekend simply mahvelous!

    1. No greater first line than Gen 1:1 though. But thank you for sharing! Happy weekend! Since it's not Friday now haha!


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