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First Line Fridays - 10/21/16 - The Thorn Keeper

Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's first line comes from a VERY special book. SO special in fact, that I created a new rating for my blog...Check it out HERE.

I had the privilege to meet Pepper Basham in Nashville at Christian Fiction Reader's Retreat! She is a lovely person and I feel like I have known her my whole life. SO blessed for the time I got to spend with her...And beyond blessed by her books!

 If you follow me on any type of social media, I am sure you have seen at least ONE post about The Thorn Keeper. This book is one of the only books that has reached into the deepest parts of my heart. It goes way beyond a pretty cover (although it is stunning!) and eloquent words. 

Ednesbury, Derbyshire England
September 1915
"There is a distinct difference between a heroine with a promised happy ending and a prodigal who must design her own."

Head over and read my review HERE to see just how much this book impacted me.

 Post your First Line (or paragraph) below and head over to see what First Lines my lovely friends have today! 

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  1. I LOVED this book!! Here's my line:
    "Kacey didn't want to raise eyebrows & alert the entire town to her return. She simply hoped to tame the beast that had roared to life..." Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren.
    But I have another book nearby that I want to post: "The night was moonless, the color of black ink, with not one star twinkling from the heavens." A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck
    LOVE both these books!!!!

  2. GASP! Rachel, I can't wait to read The Penned in Time Series. ;)

    Here is my first line:
    June 21, 1941
    Kiev, Ukraine

    "Papa, Papa!"

  3. That book is FANTASTIC!!

    The Cotswolds, Ralin Castle
    March 1913

    "Lady Ella Myerston knew more than everyone thought she did--and more than they thought she should."

    THe Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

  4. That book truly was awesome!

    December 1742
    Chatham, England

    “I fear that our wassailing has become a nuisance.” Polly Catlett slowed her steps, her toes aching in the stiff leather of her boots, the damp chill of December finally taking its toll.

    ~Newton and Polly~ by Jody Hedlund

    LOVED this book! 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  5. Happy Friday, Rachel! My first line comes from Pepper Basham's new book The Thorn Healer that releases in November.

    Wounded soldiers returned from war as heroes.

  6. Such a good one!! :D

    My first line:

    The wailing siren of an approaching ambulance penetrated the walls of Sarah Montgomery's fourth floor Manhattan apartment.
    ~Moonlight Over Manhattan by Carrie Turansky

  7. Hudson River Valley Summer 1898
    First two lines…”THAT’S WHERE THE BODY WAS FOUND, floating facedown in the river,”an ominous voice intoned. “He was stone-cold dead.”
    From Elizabeth Camden’s Until the Dawn.

  8. Aaahhh, tastes like Christmas!!!

    17 Tammuz
    4th Month Out of Egypt
    Wild drumbeats rumbled through the ground like distant thunder, pulsing in defiant rhythms and vibrating the hollows of my chest.

    OOoooo, isn't that a good one!!!

    1. Shadow of the Storm by Connilyn Cossette... didn't mean to leave you hanging there ;)

  9. Rachel!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
    I love this book!

    "Family is rarely convenient." Tamara Leigh, Leaving Carolina


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