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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happy Friday!!!

Today is the first week that we are linking up to our new group blog Hoarding Books! Make sure you stop by to join in more FLF fun! We will begin hosting different features and authors and bloggers there as well. But never fear, Bookworm Mama is staying the way it is...You just have more places that you can find my rambling crazy self on the interweb. 😜
Hoarding Books

For today's First Line...I am featuring the book that I am currently reading...And people...GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK!!! I am almost half way done and I am SO in love with the story! Stay tuned for the review in a few days. And because there are SO MANY good things and lines in this book....I am going to break all the rules...


Walk among the normal folk by day, but in your heart
know you are Robin Hood in disguise.
~ Woolf Harcourt

London, England, 1861
"Well, Miss Harcourt. Are you, or are you not, Nathaniel Droll?"

OK...OK...I'm done...But did I share enough to grip your attention? The WORST part about this book is this: The chapters are the PERFECT length. Not too short, not too long..."How is this a bad thing?" you ask. This means it is too easy to justify "JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER!!!"

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