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First Line Fridays - Week Eighteen

Friday, August 26, 2016

As you read this, I am probably downtown Nashville with my best friend...After spending an AMAZING week with so many friends...Bloggers, Authors and Readers! I will have to write a special blog post JUST on the event Christian Fiction Readers Retreat

During my long flights and airport layovers I had the opportunity to begin Rachel McMillan's second book A Lesson in Love & Murder. Her first book, A Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder, is one of my favorite books. SO excited to continue the series! My first line is...OK, it's more than the ONE line...But I had too...

"We regret to inform you that due to our company's policy regarding married women in the workforce, we are no longer in need of your services. We are grateful for your loyalty to Spencer's and hope that you will accept this coupon for Maidwell's Laundry Soap as a token of our Gratitude.

Well, I suppose crime will just have to start to pay!"

What is your first line? Did you attend CFRR???

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  1. Rachel!!! I miss you already! CFRR will be in my heart forever!
    "I tripped on my shoelace
    And I fell up-
    Up to the roof tops,
    Up over the town,
    Up past the tree tops,
    Up over the mountains,
    Up where the colors
    Blend into the sounds.
    But it got me so dizzy
    When I looked around,
    I got sick to my stomach
    And I threw down."
    Falling Up by Shel Silverstein (My oldest boy's library book. It was two lines but hey, I couldn't just leave you hanging, right?)

  2. "A warm spring breeze blew through her hair as Liz stood on the balcony of her fourth floor apartment with her favorite coffee mug in her hand." I finished Melissa Wardwell's Finding Hope in Savannah last night.

    1. Oh that sounds lovely! Although I am looking forward to fall! yay!

  3. It was so fun seeing photos from the CFRR!

    Saturday mornings were Stacy Broussard's escape, especially when life slapped her with stress. - Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills

    1. It was a blast!!! Yes...Saturday mornings are a nice breather!

  4. NOOOOO,I wasn't able to attend CFRR :-( I sure wanted to though!

    First line from Rebecca Nightsong's "Love's True Home"; which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend!!! (September 2nd release date) I'm just about finished with it and I can't say enough good about it...WOW!! Okay, so I'm posting more than one line, but it's SO good (but I think I already mentioned that):

    "How many hours had she already been here? Lauren slid off the hospital bed, ignoring the way her hands shook. These people had already taken her blood, and now they wanted more tests? That would mean more time. She had things to do. Important things to do."

    P.S. It's SO good :-D

    1. Maybe you can come next year! It was so much fun!!! Oh WOW!!! I am going to have to look into this one!


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