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Author Interview & GIVEAWAY! - Misty M. Beller

Monday, June 5, 2017

About the Book

Taking flight from their quiet Pennsylvania town seems like the only way for Tori Boyd to protect her dearest cousin’s virtue. And the success of their escape may now depend on the man she’s been writing letters to for over a year now in the vast wilds of the Wyoming Territory.

Ezra Reid has finally stepped out from under the shadow of his older brother and sister, now having full responsibility to man the Rocky Ridge Stage Stop through the winter. The success or failure of the stage and telegraph contracts falls squarely on his shoulders, and he's entirely focused on the work - at least until his mysterious correspondence partner shows up on his doorstep.

As Ezra takes on the search for a proper situation for Tori and her cousin, there seem to be no good options for the ladies. Especially since Tori won't even discuss the one option that might succeed - marriage. When the danger chasing the women takes on a form none of them anticipated, how far will Ezra have to go to keep the Tori and her cousin safe? It’ll take a lot more than luck to ensure his heart is the sole casualty.

Welcome to Bookworm Mama, Misty! I am so honored to have you here today!

Rachel: First of all....EEEEEEEP! Your hero has my son's name! Ezra is not an overly common name (Although reported that it was the most popular boy's name in 2015) I adore the name! And so excited to see it in a book! YAY!

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

Misty: Great question! I’ve always loved reading, and there were many times growing up when my mom would tell me to pull my nose from the book and go outside! I never thought I could write those engaging stories I read, though.

But several years ago, I was putting together my bucket list, and realized that I really did want to write a novel. So, "Write a novel that's published" made it near the top! I decided, it's now or never, and made the commitment to do it.

Once I started, I realized how hard it truly is to learn the craft required to write a novel, but I also realized how much I love it! And I've spent countless hours sitting with my laptop pouring out words onto the screen. Writing is in my blood. It's my passion. A true gift from my Heavenly Father, and I pray daily that He uses the words for His purpose

Rachel: So inspiring! I THINK I would like to write a book...someday...But I am not sure if that is where my calling will lead. I love that you put action to your dreams! (I was also told by my mom to go outside...I would take the book with me hehe)

What literary character is most like you?

most definitely. they have it tough for awhile then always marry into money, love, and happiness:
Misty: This is a tough one! I can’t think of one character that is exactly like me, but some of my favorite characters have some of my characteristics. I can relate to Elizabeth Bennet’s quiet resolve and dry humor in Pride and Prejudice. I also tend to share Elinor Dashwood’s realistic approach to life in Sense and Sensibility, and I love the way she discovers that God wants the very best for her! (my interpretation of the story’s end. 😊) 

Rachel: Oooh, this is fantastic! Great interpretation. I can totally see how we can all apply Elinor's discovery in the sense that God wants GOOD things for His Children.

How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your book?

Misty: As I began the story, I knew that Tori had experienced some truly awful things in her past – at the hands of her uncle’s steward – and she would have to overcome some of the lingering emotions. But I didn’t realize the depth of the scars that the past recurring abuse held left on her – both emotionally and mentally. I love the way Ezra tries to “fix” her in the story, but only God can heal the kind of wounds that Tori was dealing with. He has the best for us, but sometimes we have to experience the lows to realize how wonderful the best is!

Rachel: SO GOOD!!! Yes,there are thing that we go through that affect us on a deeper level than we realise sometimes. I love LOVE what you said: "only God can heal the kind of wounds that Tori was dealing with." Too many times we (as humans) try to heal or fix ourselves with things other than God. But only HE has the healing we seek.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you feel were influential in writing A Sweetwater River Romance? What impact have they had on your writing?

Misty: I love Deeanne Gist (especially her earliest books), Kristen Heitzmann (Diamond of the Rockies series anyone?) and Karen Witemeyer (I’ve read Short-Straw Bride so many times!)

Rachel: I am sad to say I have not read any of these! *scurries over to Goodreads and adds them to my To-Read shelf* For those of you who have not read these click on the title to go to their Goodreads page.

What secret talents do you have?

Misty: I was a music major my first year in college, piano concentration. 😊

Rachel: Ooooh! I play the piano...nothing fancy haha!

What are you reading right now? What made you pick it up?

I’m relistening to the audiobook of You’re the One That I Want by Susan May Warren. This is my favorite of her Christianson Family series because I love the way Owen (the hero) works so hard to overcome the really bad decisions he’s made in his life. And Scotty, the hero, is tough as nails, yet we see her softer, tentative side. Great characters!

Rachel: Sounds like a wonderful lineup of characters!

Do you have any unusual writing habits?

Misty: This is probably not unusual, but I am not a good self-editor. Once I “see” a certain way in my mind, it’s hard for me to envision it differently. Because of that, I take a little more time with my first drafts than some writers, because I need it to be decent at that point (it will be harder for me to make significant changes later!).

Rachel: Oh! I get that for sure! Even as a blogger haha! 

What writing advice do you have for pre-published authors?

Misty: There are so many things that spring to mind! Some I've learned from wise writers. Some from my heavenly Father. And some from doing it the hard way. If I had to narrow down my experience into advice, these are the three things I would share:  
  1. Seek:  Read books on craft. Join a writer's organization. Make friends with other writers and develop connections. Seek to learn everything you can about this wonderful world of fiction! 
  1. Work:  Writing takes so many hours of typing and plotting and editing. You may feel it will never end. But enjoy the journey, even the hard times. I heard a quote today that really hit home for me. "Happiness is counting your blessings for the good things where you are right now." We all need goals, but the joy truly can be in the journey. 
  1. Pray: Seek God's face and His direction for your writing. If you're in His will, He will bless the work. His blessings may be a different outcome than you expected, but I promise it will be wonderful! 
Rachel: Oh Misty, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart!

Before we go, can you tell us what is up next for you?

Misty: I’ll be writing a Christmas novel! The fourth book in the Wyoming Mountain Tales will star Opal, Tori’s cousin, and will be titled A Mountain Christmas Romance. I’m in the brainstorming process and getting really excited!

Rachel: I LOOOOOOVE Christmas books!!! Hehe! It is my favorite time of year, and I adore seeing it come alive for the characters in a book.

Thanks ever so much for joining us today, Misty! I had a blast chatting with you and getting to know you a little better!

Thanks so much, Rachel!

About the Author

Misty M. Beller writes Christian historical romance and is the author of the bestselling Mountain Dreams Series, Wyoming Mountain Tales, and the Texas Rancher Trilogy.

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and daughters now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

God has placed a desire in Misty's heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God's abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters. 

Learn more at

Misty has graciously provided a copy of A Pony Express Romance (Book 1 in the series) for giveaway. Format will be winner's choice! Please enter via the Rafflecopter form below. *Please note: If the winner has an international mailing address (outside the U.S.A.) the format provided will be ebook. Please see Policies & Disclosures for more information. Void where prohibited.


  1. Love Jane Austen! So happy that you now get to cross one item off of your bucket list. What's next?

    1. Hi Arletta! My goal for this year has been to learn to speak fluent Spanish. I'm working on it, but I think it might take longer than a year. :) Do you have a bucket list too?

  2. Hi Rachel & Misty! Great interview! This book sounds like one I'd enjoy too. I'm going to have to add it to my TBR list :)

  3. What a great interview! Thanks!

    1. This was one of the most fun interviews I've every done! Love Rachel's blog. :)

    2. YAY! Thank you so much! I loved this interview too!

  4. What a fun interview! I really like getting to know authors outside of their writing. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano, maybe someday?

    Book sounds really good, thank you for the chance to win a copy!

    1. You should learn the piano, Trixi! It's never too late to start. :) Just take the first step and find a teacher! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the book! ;)

    2. RIGHT Trixie? Knowing their personality a little bit more helps their books come to life even more I think. And I agree...You should totally learn piano!

  5. Cute interview. I really like getting to know authors. Thanks!

  6. Really enjoyed the interview and description of the book. Looking forward to reading the book.

  7. Loved the interview. Love learning more about not only the book but the author. I'd love to read A Pony Express Romance. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    1. I hope you get to read it and enjoy the story, Kay! Blessings!

    2. Hi Kay! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Misty is such a great writer. I highly recommend her books!

  9. I am excited to read this book. I have found a new author. woohoo

    1. Yay! So great to meet you, Lori! I hope you enjoy my stories. :)

  10. Haven't read any of Misty's books yet, but they sound great!

  11. Thanks for introducing me to an author I'm unfamiliar with. I will add Misty to my TBR author list.

    1. Great to meet you, Connie! Hope you enjoy my stories. :)

    2. Woohoo!!!! Music to a book blogger's ears.

  12. I love Christmas books, too!

    1. Yes! I'm having so much fun writing this one. Makes me want to curl up beside a warm fire with a mug of hot tea, even in June!

  13. Great interview! I've read one book by this author and I'm looking forward to getting caught up with her others!

  14. Rachel, thanks so much for such a fun interview! Love your blog!

    1. Thank you Misty! I had so much fun with it! Thanks for chatting with me! <3


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