Friday, June 30, 2017

Seekerville - What Makes a Blog Successful?

Something REALLY cool happened this week...I was on SEEKERVILLE!!! Along with Faithfully Bookish, Reading is my SuperPower, and Just Commonly we collaborated and put together a post that I hope will be helpful to bloggers. 

We are also host a FOUR book giveaway. So head on over to enter to win and maybe learn a thing or two about blogging. You can find the post HERE.

Thank YOU for all of your support of Bookworm Mama! I wouldn't be here today without the authors who write the books I read and the readers who read what I write. And thank you Seekerville for hosting us. We are all blown away by the response!


  1. So exciting to be on Seekerville! It's a great blog! Congrats!

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am so blown away!


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